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How Asians always win and will always win

October 31 2007 at 2:10 AM
puppet head 

Response to Re: boycott asian business in png


The Asians are very educated in one very important thing that has proven quite useful in PNG. They have the skills to know how to pay off whoever they need to pay off to guarantee that only their PNG friends and puppets will stay in power in PNG. They know, of course, that there are heaps of blind and dumb PNGeans who won't be able to see what's happening. People who think that so long as there's a black face as their leader that black people must be in control rather than the reality (where Asians actually are pulling all the strings). Added to the blind and dumb PNGeans are plenty of even stupider PNGeans who actually support the PNG puppets of the asians. Maybe they're supporting those people because they're wantoks or because they get "development projects" from the puppet. It don't matter why they support the puppets, the important thing to the Asians is that whenever their black puppet is accused of selling out to the Asians, the black puppet can reply, "plenty of Papua New Guineans support me, I'm no puppet. And look at all the projects I'm giving out to my people."

This is the way the new system works in PNG. It's very elegant, just a perfect way in which the Asians are slowly taking over our country and already in control of some provinces such as Madang. Like it or leave it.

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