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Church Visitor or Hell Visitor

November 20 2008 at 8:21 PM
Sad yu see 

Response to sell your mother and sisters!


The way you are going you'll be visiting hell not the church..Church visitor you must be talking from experience. You have sold your mother and sister already and made heaps of money and you are giving me advice.. kain blo yu. yu mas hap dok tu ya... I don't need WRL's money, WRL needs money to operate and you are so up tight with a little bit of advetising... How did St Paul in the bible survive? Kwan yu tok did he blugde or did he sweat and toil making tents.. Bro nothing is free... here is a radio station being heard by thousands of people every day.. so common sense would be? Advertise... And then you have a problem with the staff of WRL.. I wonder what church you attend but I don't think it's a good church... Where is the love? Love covers a multitude of sin.. Jesus said "You judge a tree by it's fruits" Bro what type of fruits do I see? They don't look like good fruit... It's all rotten and sour... You must be worshiping satan.. Those are his fruits... I told you if you have a problem with them (WRL staff) Go and talk to them face to face but you are like your father [Lucifer] hiding behind the internet and shooting... Shame on you... and you think you are fit to call your selves christian... No fruit Sorreeeee. No fruit empty vessels make a lot of noise. Sorreeeee tumas traim ken kon kristian PAIA WUT BLO HELL

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