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December 1 2008 at 9:26 PM
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Response to Re: Empty Vessels make alot of noise


people if you are believers who have written this postings please go back home and pray for God's forgiveness because you have just been a hindrance in the expansion of the kingdom of God.People you have to understand in our country we have radio stations like Nau Fm ,Yumi Fm ,NBC ect and if you can just take a moment and listen to the content of the messages from this radio stations this messages are so filthy messages and songs from Hell eg: Skwatz just polluting the mind of people with the message of sex and beer and ads like koap only with one partner or use a condom. People please we need to have a counter attack strategy against Devils strategy with a positive kingdom message and songs.Do you know that Devil finances this radio stations with alot of money therefore like wise we must finance our radio station with a lot of money so that it will overcome the works of Devil.But our King Lord and Saviour has promised that we will always win if we go against the Devil's work and it need action to fight against the devil. Christian do you remember when Jesus said you are the salt of the Earth.Jesus actually meant that God's people were put on Earth to influence the world in every sectors of society and bring unbelievers to the kingdom of God.What happens when you put some little bit of salt into a food it sweetens the whole food not just a part of the food so God doesn't need 10 radio stations to change PNG it needs one radio station to influence and change the nation.So please i urge all to support the radio station with alot of money so that this one will influence the other radio stations in PNG and the country of PNG.Believers our next project is a Christian tv station pray about it.God bless you all.

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