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2526 YG with Brequet numerals

October 9 2005 at 8:19 AM

Rick Dodder  (Login fjordao)
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This watch will always be special to me. It wasn’t my first fine watch or even my first Patek, but it’s the one I always cherish because of the thrill of the hunt and intrigue that came with it.

I always admired the picture of the YG 2526 with Brequet numerals that’s in Patizzi’s Patek book. I wanted a 2526, but stubbornly decided that only the one in the picture will do. The version with the stick numerals was readily available, but no one knew of one with the Brequet numerals for sale. Then I found one with a goggle search one day at an obscure dealer about two years ago.

The dealer had an extract from the Patek archives, but the area for ‘dial type’ was blank. A call to David Jarret at the HSWA revealed that the Brequet numeral dial has been faked and Patek would not verify that the dial or the dial/watch combination is correct without an examination in Geneva.

So I gambled on the watch. After wearing it a few months, I sent it to Geneva for an overhaul and complete extract. Almost a year (!) later the watch was returned with the complete extract saying the dial type was enamel with applied Brequet numerals. Patek did a magnificent job with the overhaul. Some of the detail has been lost on the case from several polishing over the years, but it still looks very good. The dial, hands and numerals look great. The soft creamy color and texture of the dial really make the 2526s a standout. It’s been a year since the overhaul, and the watch runs consistently about 5 sec a day fast.

The watch has an inscription on the back dated 1953, which is the year of manufacture. I’ve got an email from the dealer saying he bought it from someone who wore it as his everyday watch for over 20 years. I wear it once or twice a week and still find myself admiring the dial throughout the day.

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