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Some things you might want to keep in mind about the "little Lange 1"...

July 2 2003 at 5:38 AM
CR  (no login)

Response to Sorry to ask this...

(1) The date pusher is recessed and circular on this model. This is unlike the date pusher on the regular Lange 1, which protrudes and is rectangular (and also tight, unlike certain other Lange models, but that's another story). So, to change the date on the "little Lange 1," you'll need to use either the supplied stylus (which is not recommended for actual use, because it's metal-on-metal, but it's very nice to look at), or a toothpick (which is perfect for all recessed Lange pushers and won't harm a thing).

(2) In past discussions about the little vs. regular Lange 1, some people didn't like the proportionality of the "little Lange 1" compared to the regular Lange 1. The "little Lange 1" is the same thickness but smaller diameter (2mm smaller, I think). The difference is slight but definitely noticeable when the two are side-by-side. Of course, not everyone agrees with this. However, I've never heard anyone say he actually PREFERS the thicker but smaller "little Lange 1" for aesthetic reasons -- the preference for the "little Lange 1" always seems to be driven by functionality (i.e., small wrist size). I can appreciate this and was seriously considering getting a "little Lange 1" (platinum/silver dial "Stealth") when I first became interested in the brand. [And BTW, yes, the movement calibres are the same, from what I remember.]

(3) If ever you want to sell your "little Lange 1," you MIGHT have a more difficult time finding a buyer. Very few "little Lange 1's" appear in the secondhand market, and very few people seem to want them. So, it's a bit of a risk, but probably not a huge one.

(4) You wanted pics . . . I don't remember where I got this from, but I saved it, because I've seen very few "little Lange 1" photos. If anyone knows the proper attribution, feel free to chime in -- I got my a** kicked once on another Lange forum for failing to attribute a watch photo, even though it was a pic of a watch I actually owned, taken by the seller as a sales pic.

(5) You should visit Lange's website to see pics of other models, such as the 1815 and the Langematik. Both are cheaper than the Lange 1. You might like the 1815 if you have a smaller wrist, and EVERYONE loves the Langematik's incredible movement. Then, when you've narrowed down what you want, you might ask for pics of specific models, and people will probably be happy to oblige. You can also search this forum and the TZ forum using the appropriate keywords, and I'm sure you'll find some pics that way, too. Or perhaps Thomas will produce a "Lange wallpaper generator" for every possible model/dial/hand/strap/buckle combination sometime soon -- just a simple script, after all . . . (-;

Good luck!

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