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Thank you for your kind words.

July 3 2003 at 6:58 AM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
AP Discussion Group

Response to ThomasM, I am just curious: What watches do you own ?

Hi, KC,

You are much too kind. In fact, Alex is the moderator of this forum, and though I founded this site and am the "head Purist" I consider the individual fora the domain of their respective moderators. In this sense I am but another community member on the specific fora. I do continue to moderate the AP forum, which is the original brand forum I started ThePuristS' community with.

I have been interested in watches and the watch industry for nearly 30 years (27 to be exact.) I have been an industry observer for most of this time, always as fascinated by the consumer psychology as by the mechanics themselves. Aesthetics and functionality are also high on my priority list.

I firmly believe we are all products of our environment, though we must strive to transcend it. Thus, I "grew up" in the high end watch field when it was severely weakened, before the "high-mech" renaissance in the early 1980's, pioneered by Gerd-R. Lang and Chronoswiss; JC Biver, Jacques Piguet with Blancpain; and Rolf Schnyder with Ulysse Nardin. Back then, in the 1970's, the Big Three were firmly entrenched as the primary stars in the firmament; most others had lost their way.

Being a sucker for "underdogs" I naturally gravitated toward AP, the "kid brother" of the triumvirate, and VC, the slightly doddering great uncle that once commanded as high a respect as the then current undisputed prestige king, Patek Philippe. Keep in mind that Breguet had just been acquired by the Chaumet brothers, and had barely started its path to re-ascendency.

This being the Lange forum, I don't want to get too off topic, so I will stop here. Please feel free to explore your questions on our WatchRap forum, or on the AP forum, which I continue to personally moderate. I would also like to invite you to share your experiences and points of view.

I will note that I have the highest respect for the staff and managers of Lange, who really are as good as they get for customer care and service. I appreciate and respect the ideals of the products and the company. From a design standpoint, it is no secret that I personally (my own, personal, subjective opinion only) have never "gotten it" about the L1.

I love the 1815 Moonphase so much that I ended up with two, just to make sure that I would have at least one. And one of the biggest regrets of my watch collecting experience is when I was convinced, against my better judgement, to trade a Pour le Merite tourbillon for something else.

I am, like everyone else here, just here to learn, enjoy, and share experiences and knowledge. I am far from the destination on the road to wisdom, but in this case, I believe the journey is at least as important as the destination.



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