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Speaking as a 'Lange-less New Guy"

July 16 2003 at 4:04 PM
SteveM  (Login smah)
AP Discussion Group

Response to What is your perception of Lange as a brand? Putting aside....

I have been reading these forums religiously without formal introduction. My name is Steve and I am/have been enjoying everyone's insights here without so much as a thank you to all who put their efforts into such informative material. So thank you, and I hope to join the forum again soon as a proud owner.

That aside, as a potential buyer, investor, collector, I found this thread to be very interesting. To those with greater insight: am I to be weary of this brand's direction vs. an independently owned house? Could the Lange brand suffer as a result in terms of quality and innovative drive? According to bernard's?, it already has, unless I read wrong.

Serious Fender guitar collectors look at 1966 as a turning point(sale of brand to CBS). Harley Davidson's sellout to AMF in the 70's was also a turning point. Yet, without the experience, could Harley be the brand that it has become today? Thoughts please if we are looking at similar clash of culture here.

Should I look to purchase 1990's Langes instead of the ones being produced today?


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