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I'll say...

November 26 2006 at 12:28 AM
mostel  (Login dartanian)
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Response to Thanks Alex, I understand..

the first things that come to mind when I consider those 3 watches (assuming you mean 5127?) is: none have good resale. Sorry, after selling so many off, I am now conditioned to think this way! And we collectors do tend to go through watches. I would try very hard to get any of these 3, used. Okay, for luscious intoxicating beauty, I'd go Lange moon hands down. For pure timeless elegance, Patek. I'm not a fan of the Lange RL, and I personally don't see it being 'important' any time soon. The L1 moon is an established classic, so is the Patek. I think the L1 moon 'novelty' may wear off eventually-- the L1 design in general being 'odd' even if it is 'grounbreaking' and a classic. Whereas the Patek classicism will never fade. In terms of technical excellence, you will no doubt find the L1 movement vastly more 'impressive' to the eye, but I don't know if that matters in the long run. There's only one problem--if you can call it that--getting the 5127. It's 'entry level'. You have to really want it for it's own sake, as opposed to the idea that it is 'a Patek'. Because you will quickly realize that in the world of Patek, a 5127 is 'not important' and not rare at all, and all that 'nonsense' which may or may not bug you. I say this because, we tend to buy Pateks for the prestige and mental thrill--we do this with other brands too, but not quite as much. I will say, I love the 5127 and think it is a beautiful timeless watch, but I would--given these choices--go L1 moon.

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