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Just got close and personal with Lange--and the Luminous lights me up ...

March 7 2005 at 1:36 AM
PamLover  (no login)

I just saw Lange's up close and on my wrist. All of them are beautiful. I was very impressed with the quality--you don't need a loupe to see the craftsmanship.

I couldn't believe how smooth the dSatograph buttons worked. Like butter. And the movement, WOW--mezmerizing.

However, for me (a sports watch enthusiast), one watch stood out (my taste only)--the LUMINOUS.

I know most of you feel strongly that the Grande was a mistake. I don't want to go against the Lange flow.

The dealer only had the Luminous in Grande. I wouldn't buy (as much as I wanted it) without trying the 38mm on. So I'll have to wait a little longer for my first Lange 1, but I do believe it will be the Luminous, and most likely a 38mm.

Good choice?

Anybody know about new price increase--when and how much?

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Edwin H. Heusinkveld
(Login EdHe)
PP Discussion Group

Hello Pamlover...

March 7 2005, 6:53 AM 

I did like the Luminous too when I saw pictures of it for the first time. I immediately called a dealer and asked him to please call me when he had one.

Well he did a couple of months later... and I was a little dissapointed. From the pictures posted here, on other fora and on the Lange website the watch looked better then in real (which most of the times is the other way around since Lange's, and perhaps watches in general, do look better in real then on pictures). I think I have explained it before (to you too??) but what I liked about the picture(s) was the colors in the dial and hands: black, white and GREEN. Those three made such a fantastic impression on me that I really imagined having the Lange-1 Luminous as my, excuse me, sports watch (at that time I only had on Lange: the stealth).

I didnt buy the (regular sized it was btw) Luminous (thought of getting the WG Langematik w/ date instead but that didnt happen too) and I recently saw a regular Luminous again and still felt the same. However if Lange would change the white Luminous for really green stuff...

I, and some other regulars here, dont like the Grande Lange-1 for reasons posted here before. BUT, although I didnt remember who posted them (and I am not exactly sure it was on this forum), there are pictures of the Grand Luminous that show a fantastic combination of dial-layout and size. Still, the greenish looking luminous mass, as shown in the official pictures published by Lange, is missing on the Grand too.

If YOU like it, buy it. It is a Lange and build to last. I have visited the Lange Manufaktur last year and was, and still am, DEEPLY impressed by the attention, dedication, craftmenship and simply the love for their watches as shown by all Lange's employees.


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Sean Li
(Login SeanLi)
AP Discussion Group

Looks green in the dark :)

March 7 2005, 1:39 PM 

Hi Edwin,

It's funny, for me it's the Grand Luminous that first really drew me to Lange watches. I'm not fond of the other Grand Lange 1's, but something about the overall design of the Luminous worked for me.

If I can suggest though, you may need to have your monitor color calibrated. I'm looking at the photo on Lange's website, and the luminescent material doesn't look particularly green on my monitor (I use a Spyder Pro color calibrator, as I do a lot of photography). In fact, it looks a little faded on my screen, compared to the photos below.


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Edwin H. Heusinkveld
(Login EdHe)
PP Discussion Group

Hello Sean!!!

March 7 2005, 4:49 PM 

YOU are the one that posted those marvelous pictures. Thanks for reposting! That first picture of yours is fantastic. The objections I have against the Grand Lange-1's dont hold for the Grand Luminous... your first picture is stunning. I really love the combination of colors black, white and green matching the WG case perfectly and creating an almost unbeatable(sp?) sport-watch-look (no offence).

As to the point of the green (dis-)appearing in the pictures: I have seen the pictures on the Lange site and I think they show more green then the watch has in real. I have seen both the regular sized and Grand Luminous during my trip to Glashuette and at an auth. dealer and was a little, well to be honest somewhat more then just a little, dissapointed when I saw them in real. In reality the green is less noticable then on the pictures.

Thanks for reposting Sean.

Warm regards,


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(Login argg)
Industry Chat

I think its an excellent choice. Its a smart move to

March 7 2005, 12:59 PM 

try on the Luminous in both sizes to see which one fits you best.

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(no login)

I figured you've visited the Trading Zone lately, but if not, you might want to.

March 8 2005, 1:59 AM 


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(no login)

I did and always do (like the morning paper), and thanks for the pointer (nt)

March 8 2005, 3:09 AM 


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