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thanks for the support, and mundane cleaning question...

March 13 2005 at 1:57 PM
Anonymous  (Login adammweiss)

First of all, it's so nice to have a group of people out there that can share the joy of a watch like this! i am used to having this be my own private insanity

with such a knowledgable group here, i can't help but ask a very basic question... what are the thoughts on best ways to clean the watch? i have in the past used little bits of water along with the microfibre wipe cloth, but i'm curious if that's right, or if you guys have better thoughts... the company-supplied books and stuff that came with the watch didn't offer any thoughts on this subject....

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Sounds fine, although I've never needed to use water. I also got one of those...

March 13 2005, 3:31 PM 

rouge-impregnated Fabulustre cloths that I (rarely) use to put a higher shine on a bezel or buckle (e.g., before photographing a used/scratched watch). They're available for a few dollars from watch supply stores.

The only caveats I'd have re cleaning are (1) don't use anything more chemical or abrasive than we've already discussed, and (2) don't have anyone other than a Lange watchmaker "professionally" polish it. If they try to polish it without removing the crystals, you might lose parts of the anti-reflective coating, which won't look good and will necessitate crystal replacement (at a cost of about $200 USD/crystal). As I posted on another Lange forum, below are pics of what this looks like (and also what the movement looks like when a non-Lange watchmaker tries to clean or open the caseback -- you can see small blemishes and dust/hair). A European dealer, who said this work was done by "a watchmaker who used to work for Lange," commissioned this unfortunate bit of "watchmaking" just before he put it up for sale.

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wow! those photos are a great lesson by example...

March 14 2005, 4:42 AM 


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Re: "a watchmaker who used to work for Lange"...

March 14 2005, 9:02 AM 

Looking at his work, I can see why he is no longer with Lange! Ouch!!
Your pictures are worth a thousand words (of caution on picking service centers).

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