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1815 automatik vs up and down

November 13 2006 at 9:39 PM
Anonymous  (Login whc2328)


i recently purchased my first lange (or first high-end brand watch, for that matter...and i don't consider rolex/cartier as such). i had a tough time deciding between the 1815 automatik and the up and down (both platinum and white dial), which boils down to whether i like automatic better or manual+power reserve. i have gotten numerous opinions about which one i should get, but they are all mixed, and i can make a case for either side. in the end, i decided to go with the first lange that got me hooked - 1815 automatik.

about a week has passed, and i am still unsure about whether or not i made the right decision. please if you could, share with me your thoughts on either watch (everything about them from aesthetics perspective to mechanics).

any thoughts would be much appreciated.



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Finally : 2 different watches

November 14 2006, 7:49 AM 

First of all, congrats for your purchase.

The 1815 automatik is a very nice watch : it's 1mm larger than the 1815 HW, has the zero reset and the movement with the micro-rotor is beautiful. But you don't have the pleasure to wind it every morning.

The 1815 up and down is a nice watch too (Vladimir Putin thinks the same, he has one). But IMHO, I much prefer the classic 1815 without the power reserve : the dial of the mere 1815 is much balanced, more pure.

Anyway, any Lange watch is a good choice !


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1815 automatic

November 15 2006, 7:05 AM 

Dear friend Purist,

You made the right choice. I consider the 1815 sax-o-mat as the most beautiful watch Lange & Söhne has ever made. Discrete, pure, mechanically perfect.
It is as much a design icon as the Porsche 911, another product of AEG (Advanced Engineering from Germany ) and German Gründlichkeit.

If ever you change your mind, please let me know! I'd be glad to become the following owner.

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November 16 2006, 6:32 AM 

someone with the same problem as me! although i am torn between the two in rose gold. it is my impression that you made the right call. the classic look of the automatik coupled with the sax-o-mat movement is pretty hard to argue with. congrats , its a truly beautiful watch.


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