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Need new strap for 1815

November 29 2006 at 5:26 PM
SteveG  (Login oreokid)

This is the 2nd OEM strap I have broken, both at the fixed loop nearest the buckle. Not sure I want to spend $300 USD for another OEM. What are my options? I like the original design, but thought about changing color to more burgandy than brown.

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(Login SteveGu)
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not my posting, FWIW

November 29 2006, 5:35 PM 

the old, original SteveG

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(Login oreokid)

changed name to avoid confusion.. sorry - still looking for suggestions

November 30 2006, 3:14 AM 

as subject says...

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(Login SteveGu)
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Thanks very much, Steve! Regarding your strap, 2 things:

November 30 2006, 12:59 PM 

-- there are many very reputable places on the 'net to buy replacement straps, if you want some suggestions
I (or others) can email them. If you spend perhaps US$90 and up you will be able to buy a very high quality strap.

As for color suggestions, the model of your 1815 would be helpful (metal/dial/hands combination). Mine
is WG with blue dial, and I think it looks great on a dark blue strap, but yours may very well differ:

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miki 5747
(Login miki5747)
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As luck would have it...

November 30 2006, 12:55 PM 

I needed a strap for my new 1815 as the original is too small. Just to satisfy my curiosity I ordered a custom strap.
I am very happy with my new strap and without question it is at least of equal quality to the excellant Lange strap.
It took only 17 days from the time I placed my order for it to arrive at my door step. Additionally it was 2/3 the cost of a new Lange.
Out of respect for fourm guidelines you are more than welcome to Email me for whom. Miki

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(Login foversta)
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What about this style...

December 1 2006, 7:53 PM 

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
strap from ABP !


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