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Reading comprehension getting to be a problem Shoe?

December 5 2015 at 9:27 AM
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Response to What does "Nitro tuner for the stars" even mean?.

You thought F.L. was younger, you say?
Re-read (or read for the first time) my post above.

I gave you facts.

Facts that show...without doubt that Fender Lizard was not capable (due to his tender years) of being a paid member of either the Stroppe or Holman Moody teams during the total performance years.

I guess you missed them?

His claims in that regard are legion (to the point that you could say he has flooded the forum with them).

Those claims are the core of his identity (his raison d'etre" and the crux of the problem at the forum.

It is based on that pose that Fender Lizard has presumed to hold forth about all things Ford performance related. And that claim of team membership is just about the only reason that some too credulous folks would attempt to grind through his tedious and clumsily worded postings in the first place.

I don't hang at the FE forum much in general. first...I tended to just ignore Fender Lizard's posting. But the misinformation he posted about stock cars caught my eye (that risible "back half" stuff). That bovine excrement needed to be corrected. It was. And that's when fender Lizard's attack began.

Whatever he may know about drag racing, he doesn't know squat about Stroppe or Holman Moody stock cars in general or my car in particular.

He likewise knows little or nothing about the law (though his presumptions and posturing in that regard are amusing given all the circumstances).

And just BTW, Shoe, "Seems to be" is an appropriate phrase to describe Fender Lizard's presence at the forum. He posts under different sign ins (Tom, Thomas, Holman Moody Stroppe Vet...etc...) and he never lists his last name. So he seems to be many tings...but is none of them.

I note that when you put the grammar pen down in your post you slipped into divination (you know the " I don't believe" stuff). If you think you can actually tell (you know psychically and all) what people really mean to say based on your special's about coming off of the lotto numbers for next weekend while you are at it.

No Ouija board needed to figure out what I am saying, Shoe: Fender Lizard's claims to be a member of the Stroppe and or Holman Moody teams during the total performance years are falsehoods. I have posted the facts that put the lie to those claims...facts provided by the ole Fender Lizard himself (though now taken down...gee, wonder why?) on his own FB site.

If you have anything to back up your self report of his being the Real would be a good time to post it. Ole F.L. has been challenged in that regard on may occasions. His characteristic response is crickets. To use a little legal mumbo jumbo (that F.L. is so fond of)...his lack of response to those challenges is an adoptive admission by silence.

You do not seem to be put off by Fender Lizard's fabulism. But, then again, you did vote for Obama... twice ...right? (Say, did you get to keep your doctor...and what did you spend that $2,500 healt care savings on, anyway HA!)

Based on your postings and my review of F.L.'s public FB posting you and he seem to be fellow travelers. His membership in the Democratic Women's Study Club and the Long Beach Democratic Club, and his likes for the Long Beach Pride site and the Harvey Milk organization are insightful, on a number of levels.

Perhaps that is the basis for your willing suspension of disbelief about him?

If Fender Lizard is made a moderator, as you suggest, I will be highly amused. Just as I will be if a certain distaff, democrat, serial fabulist (that I know you will be voting for) is elected next November.

I guess there is a nihilistic streak in me that just wants to get on with the inevitable destruction necessary to right things. Hillary and Fender Lizard...each in their own ways.. will do much to that end.

As to your own post: Who, exactly, are you to presume to rank people here for what they post?

Anthony is responsible for policing the forum.
You are not.
Get it?

So far as I know you have no proprietary interest in this forum, that forum or any other.

Folks on your side of the political spectrum might just admonish you to check your privilege before again post such dreck.

Word up.

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