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Dave, I AM THE HatefulEight

December 6 2015 at 9:54 AM
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HatefulEight  (Login HatefulEight)
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Response to Please don't link when posting this unfounded hatred.

And this will not stop till HMSV is nothing but a punchline to a joke on the site much like JimHauls, RipitRon, Surdaddy and a few others that deserved a permanent vacation from the site. This thread will continue to be cross posted to the website as well as their content posted back over here.

You see, when a liar or a delusional person is confronted with facts that contradict their idea of reality, they become frantic in a way to squelch the facts so as to maintain their delusion. That includes idle legal threats and deleting posts that dispute their version of reality. This just perpetuates the problem and extends the time that they may actually face reality.

The day he couldnt post anymore was a first step in Tom facing reality. Your continued stroking of Tom Marchese's fantasy only motivates him to perpetuate it more. In essence you are giving meth to a meth head mother in a recovery retreat. Tom cannot help his mental situation on his own, but you are helping drive him further into his own delusion.

What perplexes me Dave is I thought you were more intellectual than this. This guy was the single most divisive guy on the forum (his side against reality) and you are so star struck by him, you run to him with more meth to feed his delusion. You have disappointed me in your decision and with than goes any respect I had for you.

While I could spend the day pointing out the flaws in your statements and refuting each one, it seems you have fallen down the same rabbit hole of delusion with Tom Marchese and you responses in this post seem more like his rather than yours. But it seems logical for him to use you as an instrument to represent him in his arguments rather than doing it himself. In essence he has turned you into his mouthpiece, and you coulndt look any dumber for doing it. Thank Tom Marchese for your loss of credibility and respect.

But I will address one point; moderator/posting again
The fact that Tom Marchese/HMSV inflamed the forum to the point that Bob Sprowl bowed out and Anthony had to retake control of the situation should speak volumes. This means that Bob didnt want to get Tom's emails that said "They mentioned my name in this post, delete it, this was mean and hurt my feelings, delete it or I'll sue". Even for a level headed fair guy, this would get old. Anthony recognized this and retook control of the situation and expelled the one user that EVERYONE (excluding you of course) hated.

Like it or not, the forum is greater than its users. With that comes a duty to preserve and maintain the information on it. If dissenting views on the credibility of the information posted is deleted, then the purity of information on the site is degraded. That is why Bob stepped down, Anthony stepped up, and Tom Marchese had to pack his lies back in his bag and leave.
With these facts in mind, Tom Marchese WILL NOT return to the forum, and the forum will never allow his appointment as a moderator.

It seems that you and Tom came to a solution to his removal that are as fantastical as his claim to the glory days. The only problem is it's not based in reality, nor did it include the forum ownership. So Tom can go suck the juice from the sour grapes he sowed. I will enjoy the forum without his self-centered fabricated essays.

Just remember Dave, I am the HatefulEight. Not Doc, Dale, or anyone else in this thread. Do not address them with my name. That is reserved for me and me alone.

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