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Presenting "facts" to Dave...

December 6 2015 at 10:32 AM
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Response to Dave, I AM THE HatefulEight

...would seem to be a fool's errand. As he has convincingly proven in this series of ill considered posts...facts don't mean all that much to Shoe. He much prefers to "believe" that things are all in accord with how he wants the world to be...and then operate from that assumption.

So much for our self described logical liberal.

This line of reasoning is the same magical thinking we have seen in D.C. since the "fighting for bridges" guy took office.

Have you noticed addition to that defective, but typical, lefty way of perceiving things...Dave has displayed another lefty trope in his posts.

1)First he insinuates himself, uninvited, into a situation he is really no part of.
2)Then he presumes to speak from a position of superiority. You see Shoe knows better than all of us poor grovelling worms...and he feels obliged to tell us so...and we didn't even have to ask him! Sweet!
3)Moreover he speaks on behalf of a cause he is not vested in and has not been elected/appointed to represent (the FE this case...but same same for the left memes regarding the Washington Redksins logo kerfuffle, the Delta Smelt, climate change and on an white privilege, on and on and on)
4)Next come hi insults (you guys are hateful; you should not besmirch the FE Form; you guys are illegitimate; You are stupid, you're just following the lead dog etc...)
5)Then my fav lefty ploy: Just what are your facts?

Facts are then presented (for example, Fender Lizard's own FB posts that establish he was still in short pants during the time he claims to have been working for Stroppe and Holman Moody).

6)Then Dave dismisses those facts...again from a feigned position of superiority (It's beneath me to condescend to read you posts with their big words and all). The best...and the most cliche lefty ploy is Dave's statement: " While I really don't know the facts...but I BELIEVE Fender Lizard is the real deal (That is a hoot!'s all emotion all the time with social justice warriors doncha know.)

Then, for the grand finale

7) When his busy body-condescension, his insults and his facts don't carry the day he tut tutts and whines: "I just don't understand why you are always attacking people (you meany...sniff)"

My favorite part is when Shoe accused me of threatening to sue...when, in fact, it is Fender Lizard who has been laughably threatening to sue forum members...on the forum and in private messages...for time out of mind. (I wonder if he will pop back in like Roseann Roseannadanna with a "never mind"...HA! I'll start holding my breath now...) mentioned...presenting facts to Shoe is prolly a fruitless endeavor.

I tell you Shoe has put on a true lefty tour de force in his defense of Fender Lizard.

One can only hope he carries on.

He's a tool...but he is highly entertaining.

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