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Longer range or time on station, F-16XL lost to F15E.

October 13 2017 at 12:18 PM
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Pzkw3  (Login Pzkw3)

Response to F-16 question

As I understand it, if you need long range or very long time on station, and your tanker forces are not very prevalent, FAST and drop tanks would probably be a good solution. If in a peer to peer war, you have tanker support or targets are in medium range, this probably would change and either FAST or the drop tanks can be left out. The USAF has not adopted the FAST for various reasons like the prevalent tanker support. But who knows, with the pacific as an operating theater, FAST tanks may start to appear in USAF planes.

As to F16XL, it was the competition to the F15E. The F-15E won and thus the F16XL was dropped. In the 1980's or cold war years, the USAF was the only major airforce that required the operational requirements for F-15E or F16XL type aircraft. So, the F16XL went to storage and NASA had a short stint using them later for research.

I guess you can resurrect the F16XL, but if you really need that range and storage requirement, it would probably be faster to just buy into the F15E.

The F16XL was an interesting design though. Just like the F-20, F23 and other aircraft of that nature, interesting to speculate.

Hope to have helped

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