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Anyone out there?

January 12 2008 at 8:05 PM
dobber  (no login)
from IP address

That was a big win and esp a big test of our fortitude in responding to adversity.

Very happy for Grant that Coach let him stay out there. He played like a Champing today.

We can probably let the sissy, outdoor dome team talk rest now. jmo

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Re: Anyone out there?

January 12 2008, 10:29 PM 

Outstanding game. With the weather as bad as it was, the dominating running game is just what we needed. 200+ yards on the ground against this defense is unbelievable.

The underhand pass by Favre to Donald Lee, the call to challenge the spot of the ball, fantastic. The defensive backs played so tight that it even got Hasselbeck rattled. Bigby's big hits were things of beauty.

A well-planned, well executed game all around.

Now on to Dallas or welcome to Green Bay to the Giants.


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Re: Anyone out there?

January 13 2008, 12:05 AM 

Just back from setting a factory up in Mexico.... The pilot on the flight back announced that the Packers had won 42-20 and 15-20 people cheered!

I watched the game when I got home. I thought that Bigby played the way you want a DB to play. He made some big hits. Reminded me of Chuck Cecil.
Unload on the receiver.

Favre's underhand pass cracked me up. What other QB has that capability?

I think the team showed a lot of character with the two early turnovers and being down 14-0. Coming back and winning like they did. Grant also showed a lot of chatacter by not letting early mistakes ruin his game.

Just a great old fashioned footbal game.

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Re: Anyone out there?

January 13 2008, 10:02 AM 

See there Dobber? There ARE a few of us around afterall! LOL

Of course Leo just might stay away from posting to this thread since Brubber mentioned setting up a factory in Mexico. (politics, NAFTA and all that) LOL

Anon / T should be at the game.
I thought that JayB said he'd be trying to go.
And so did J4 ... but I don't think he flies, so it'll probably take him a couple of days to get back.

Bigby was playing like a man possessed. I love the way he had receivers hearing his footsteps all over the field.
Harris and Woodson were right-there all night long also.
I loved the way our DBs got Hasselbaby constantly crying to the refs about how we were "touching them" for what seemed to be the entire 2nd half! LMAO

WHAT? Just can't get the concept that we are physical -ALL THE TIME- ? Just doesn't 'get' that we are willing to take the penalties for shoving his sissy receivers around like Stephen Hawking heading to a lecture, rather than playing "defense-lite" with a few big hits here and there?

YO! Hasselblubber .... maybe if you didn't buy into all that 'Seattle rah-rah sports press' blowing smoke up your dress like they always do, you could have seen this season for what is actually WAS: Smoke and mirrors! And Holmgren didn't 'go back to his roots' because of YOU being so great ... he did it because your running game is finished and you're all he had left in the cupboard. He said it like that to save you any embarrassment.

Face it, your division was weak, just like New England's!
Pats 16-0 / Buffalo 7-9 / Jets 4-12 / Dolphins 1-15

If you had NOT been able to win ... Hawks 10-6 / Cards 8-8 / 49er's 5-11 / Rams 3-13 ........ you'd really suck!

Shoot! At least WE had 13 wins in a division with
Vikings 8-8 / Lions 7-9 / Bears 7-9 ... and ... 2 big road game wins against Denver and then Kansas City the following week.

Overall ... I think the AFC South had the toughest division to play in this year: Colts 13-3 / Jags 11-5 / Titans 10-6 / Texans 8-8 .. followed by the NFC East.

ANYWHO ..........

I think AJ Hawk played a good game. Very active very aggressive. Seemed like out of all the LBs, he kicked-it-up-a-notch.

Nice to see that Cullen Jenkins is finally healthy and back in the mix. He's a huge difference maker and we'll need him in the next game. Williams did a good job, as did Harrel when HE was in there. (I might have been wrong in my assessment over his injury history ??? )

Even though Kampman didn't 'hammer' on Hasselwhiner, he pressured the crap out of him.

Ryan Grant ... what can you say about a guy who redeems himself like THAT? Even Brandon Jackson had his own redemption. (He's going to be a fine 3rd down compliment to Grant next season!)

Our receiving corps and TEs? What can I say but "Dead nuts!"

And Favre ..... first, just how long did he have to pray for that snow? Thought they were only predicting "flurries"? LMAO

The shovel pass to Lee was amazing, and vintage Favre. He was really "ON" yesterday. Everyone lifting-up the level of the next guy.

What a freekin awesome TEAM this is!

I am now ... FINALLY and TOTALLY ... convinced that this team can to head to head with ANY other team and win.

I'll still root for the Giants today and I still want to see Lambeau again, but I honestly don't think it matters WHO we play or WHERE.

Have a good one

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