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December 10 2011 at 8:30 PM
dobber  (no login)
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Read an article by McGinn that his injury is so bad that it might threaten next season. Wow. What a shame. He was developing into a great blocker and an adequate receiver.
I'm happy that TT drafted two promising TE's but it's really sad to see that his career with GB may be finished.

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(Login kw1)

Re: Quarless

December 11 2011, 12:37 PM 

Yeah, it's a shame when they get a new guy who looks like he's going to become a solid player ...
and then something like this happens! But we already have Crabtree, Williams and Taylor. They will have to step-up and plug the hole.

DJ Williams is 'smallish' at 6-2 / 245. But he's fast and has fairly reliable hands. Doesn't block well though. More H-back. They thought when Finley got better, that the two would double-up and become a 2-headed monster.

At 6-4 /240, Tom Crabtree is another guy who seems "smallish", but he blocks like a guy 25 pounds heavier. A FA who, on his first day with the team in practice .. BROKE HIS HELMET!
CM3 calls him a 'muscle head' and a LOAD to handle in blocking situations.

Ryan Taylor is kind of a throw-back player. At draft, he was 6-3 / 254 and played on all 3 (yes, THREE) sides of the ball while at the University of North Carolina. Linebacker, Tight end and STs. He is the kind of guy who will willing plug whatever hole you have and give it his all. Has very good football instincts.

The thing is this, Dobber ....

Did anyone actually even know who this kid WAS prior to coming into the draft? I mean, it's not like he was up there around the very top of everyone's draft lists!

While I would feel a loss, I just can't find a way for me to rationalize worrying about TT not being able to find another TE to replace him! The guys we have (for the most part) aren't prima donna types. Even when TT DOES take a guy up high in the draft, they are usually down-to-earth hard working guys (like CM3). Most everyone on this team just wants to play and help the team ... not make a name for themselves. And THAT, opens-up a lot of avenues to egt good players who play as a team.

Quarless (6-4 / 254) came from Penn State. Prior to his last year, he was nothing but inconsistent and had a couple of off-field, alcohol realted issues. He basically had one decent season, catching 41 passes, but he still needed work and didn't block very well.

He showed promise and potential to become a good player. It wasn't because he was already a game breaker / changer.
Not a bash on Andrew ... but I can probably find 2-3 TEs in every draft who measure-out about the same as him.

Have a good one

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Re: Quarless

December 11 2011, 3:07 PM 

Ya, I hear what you're saying kw. This isn't a major loss or anything, it's just unfortunate for the young man.

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