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arsenal/london united

by inter city jibber mufc (no login)


made me laugh about arsenal calling spurs bullies....1982/83 arsenal signed up thugs from every london club to take man utd on at highbury,claiming the result as there own...something wasn't right as arsenal simply did not have the numbers for that and it was soon realised too many faces from other clubs were involved,it was london united v man utd...
The next game was at old trafford and true to form arsenal trying to be clever got off at oxford road station thinking piccadilly would be a massacre waiting to happen...problem was we were at oxford road and as one famous arsenal lad said"fucking horrific",united slaughtered arsenal on the station,on the tracks and those who managed to run to the outside of the station were met by the united who couldn't get in....
A lot of arsenal didn't make old trafford that day,but full marks to the arsenal lads who held there hands up in defeat,today they would be moaning about being bullied-we all knew the rules in them days,it was a way of life for us all-full respect to any lad who fought for his club no matter what team that maybe....

Posted on Apr 21, 2011, 12:44 PM

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