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June 27 2012 at 8:46 AM
olschoolsteel  (Login olschoolsteel)

So i was chatting with my buddy and he is building a Clev and wanted more info. I directed him to the forum54 Clev site, and also pointed him to the FE site a few times on stuff that had been discussed. After a few days he starts whining saying they (the sites) were old and not good enough. Then the next day, he tells me "I created a better site." So i worked with him over the last week or so to make it a true Ford site, not so much engine specific. I learned from the fellas on the FE site that only want to see threads directly related to the site they are on, when there are other Ford geeks like me floating around out there that want to soak up ANY Ford info. There are lots of engine specific sites out there, like this and the FE site. Lots of guys just specialize in one area, and dabble in others. I wanted my buddy to design his with the major engine series represented and incorporate areas and headings that guys and gals here have discussed. Hence the reason for this post. Since it can be interpreted that i am "soliciting" members, I thought i would put it in the classifieds. Hopefully Blizz wont mind me posting this here.

Right now, there are zero pop-ups and advertisements, and it is a totally free for members. My buddy has paid this yrs fee for the site, and i intend to pay for next yrs fee, and keep it going that way. A forum like this and all others is only as good as the people involved, and there are some damn fine fellas on these sites. So i wanted to personally invite anyone to stop by and check out our layout. And if you care to opine, create a membership and please do so. Right now it is just still in it's infancy. You may recognize my login name and others from this and the FE site. I hope that someday this new site will grow to be as big a community as the FE and Cleve site.

While the invitation is open to everyone, I'd like to personally invite Mr. Pence, Dan, Blizz, and Tinman as i have enjoyed the posts they have made here over time and feel they have alot to offer in Cleve information.

It doesnt seem to show up on the yahoo search engine (i guess cause it's new) but it does show up on the google search.


on edit,I changed your links and then locked this thread.
No it is not ok to come here and start your own damn forum, if its any good they will find you, if not they wont.
-nuff said

yes I could delete this, but I wont...
but it was really rude to drop this in without asking permission first.

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