Fox Nation site is full of racism and violence ..

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Fox Nation ad touts 'mutual respect' - but site is full of racism and violence

June 14, 10:16 PM ·

Fox Nation has a new commercial, with most of the major Fox News players on hand to push the party line. Too bad the website bloggers didn't cooperate with the lofty goals of the Fox Newsies (and please try to work around the grammar -- I quoted verbatim, and it seems that Fox Nation's version of, uh, civil discourse doesn't always encourage the educated). Judging by the comments, Fox Nation is the classic example of (slimy swamp) water seeking its own level.

I'll lead with the comment that, in my view, encapsulates what Fox Nation really stands for -- and it's not "mutual respect":

“LEE HARVEY OSWALD ................... where are you now that we need you???”

Followed by the runner up:

“Don't change the subject. This man will single handedly get our boy out of office!! He thinks he's BO's father? It figures. They are a lot alike!! Bigots!! I still think the nappy headed ho's in the white house are my kind of girls!! Know what I mean?”

And now on to the commercial . . .

“The Fox Nation was created for people . . . .” Bill O'Reilly

“ . . . Who believe in the United States of America.” Mike Huckabee.

Comments on Fox Nation, under a photo of Vladimir Putin and President Obama and the headline, “Notice Any Similarities? Some Do”:

“Neither were born in America. Both are communists”

“OK - I'll bite. Their both butt ugly?”

“One big similarity----- They both hate America!!!

“And its ideals.” Laura Ingraham

Comments under a headline, “$600 Billion Tax Hike: Healthcare or Heartburn?”

“Move for a vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the current leadership of this country. We really need to find a way to impeach Obubba and at least 52% of congress. The sooner the better.”

And more comments, under the headline, “NYT's Krugman Blames Beck for 'Right-Wing Extremist Hate:

“Liberals hate America”

“Liberals are genetically inferior to conservatives...They are the "defects" medical science allows to propagate”

“Let me take some of my southern brother's to NYC and clean up that dump!”

“As expressed in the Constitution.” Geraldo

“The Declaration of Independence.” Sean Hannity

“And the Emancipation Proclamation.” Geraldine Ferraro

The following is a screen grab from Newshounds taken from Fox Nation, depicting comments beneath a photo of Michelle Obama next to Carla Bruni, the wife of the French President, with an invitation for Fox Nation readers to “caption” it:

And there's more . . . .

“A Brotha doesn't turn on a Brotha. Simple street code"

“It is a community that believes in the American dream.”

Comments on Fox Nation, under a headline, “$600 Billion Tax Hike: Healthcare or Heartburn?”

“Like I said, "Population Control" . . . You know, "Survival of the Fittest"

“I bet the healthcare for the illegal immigrants wont be cut”

“Life . . . liberty . . . and the pursuit of happiness.”

“One that believes being an American is an honor.” Glenn Beck

“This is a place for people who believe we live . . . .” Laura Ingraham

“ . . . in a great country.” Juan Williams

“A welcoming refuge for legal immigrants.” Glenn Beck

“We believe we should enjoy the company in support of each other.” Greta van Susteren

Comments under the headline, “Huffington Blames Palin for Letterman Rape Joke”:

“The Huffington Post, The Daily KOs, and Media Matters should all be removed from the internet and listed as "HATE SITES"!”

“Delighting in the creativity . . . .”

“Ingenuity.” Newt Gingrich

“And work ethic of one and all.” Glenn Beck

“While observing the basic rules of civility.” Mike Huckabee

Comments on Fox Nation:

“Well Al take your fat a@@ off of the site. It's simple if you don't like it-just don't come here you sick freak.”

“And mutual respect.” Bill O'Reilly

Comments under the headline, “Huffington Blames Palin for Letterman Rape Joke”:

“Huffington couldn't get raped in a maximum security prison”

“Me thinks MS Huffington needs to get raped and then we can make jokes about her...”

“And most importantly, strengthening their diverse society by striving for unity.”

Comments under the heading, “Administration Reading Rights to Detainees”:

“My Grand Mother would say "Someone should shoot him ,But he is NOT WORTH THE POWDER AND LEAD to blow him to hell where he belongs!!!" Reading right to NON AMERICANS is INSANE: So O'bama is INSANE!!!”

“Unity for us – unity for one and all.” Juan Williams

“The Fox Nation is for those committed to the core principles of tolerance . . . .” Alan Colmes

Comments on “The Left Eating Its Own”:

“Well, it is the 1st of the month again. Welfare checks started arriving in the mail a little before noon today....Drunken bums headed for the carry-out immedately after cahing their free government check. Did they run to the grocery to buy food for the month? No....Did they run out and pay their rent, gas or electric bill? No....Did they go immediately to the carry-out for their booze for the week? YES!!!!!”

“After the feast I hope they properly dispose of the bones. I hear liberal bones leave a nasty smell”

“There are some people who belive that obama is the ANTI-CHRIST”

“Open debate . . . .”

“Civil discourse.” Greta van Susteren

Comments under the headline “Obama Fires Investigator Probing his Friend”:

“Typical Chicago Thug. Where's the birth certificate????”

“Do you no see what he is really trying to do? I mean no disrespect to black people but he wants to turn all the whites into slaves to get even”

“And fair and balanced coverage of the news.” Sean Hannity

“It is for those opposed to intolerance.” Karl Rove

Comments under the headline, “Reverend Wright Clarifies Comments”:

“Let's sell tickets for the chance to waterboard Wright and Pelosi. We can make tons of money by doing this”

“This is what you yankees fought and died for?”

“Excessive government control of our lives.” Glenn Beck

“And attempts to monopolize opinion.” Bill O'Reilly

“Or suppress freedom of thought, expression, worship.” Juan Williams

“We invite all Americans . . . who share these values to join us here, at the Fox Nation

Posted on Jun 15, 2009, 12:44 PM

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