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Herbal Books on Michael Moore's website

November 10 2008 at 3:39 AM
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I must confess that I really like to hold a book in my hands rather than reading it on line. However,this is not always possible, the book is not available or is way out of my budget. So, it is quite delightful to find so many books on herbal subjects available on line.
I was recently looking at the site of American herbalist and teacher, Michael Moore  www.swsbm.com/homepage/
This contains the text of many old physiomedical books including Ellingwood's Materia Medica and 3 British books:

Prescriber and clinical repertory of Medicinal Herbs by F.Harper Shove[1938], very much a practitioner work.

Herbal Manual by Harold Ward [1936], a nice collection of monographs.

Model Family Botanic Guide to Health by William Fox 23rd edition [1924]. Three generations of the Sheffield based Fox family regularly revised and updated this work.
Many eclectic works can be found on the site, Moore says "In 1990 I visited the Lloyd Library in Cincinatti, Ohio, where in the basement I found the accumulated libraries of all the Eclectic Medical Schools as, one by one, they died."

Barbara Grigg's "Green Pharmacy" contains the history of the Eclectic medical practice.


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Re: Herbal Books on Michael Moore's website

November 10 2008, 10:43 AM 

Hi Kevin

Some of the older herbal books are also held on Henriette's site and Paul Bergner also digitises herbal books. Paul has one book which is available to download as a pdf. I remember looking at it last year, but can't remember at the moment what it is called. I know it looked interesting!


Re: Herbal Books on Michael Moore's website

November 10 2008, 10:56 AM 

Hi Kevin happy.gif

Thanks for the link, I have come across it before but appear to have lost it, so I've added it to my favourite places once again. I'm lucky in so far as I own a copy of Harold Ward's book, which in parts resembles an abridged version of Mrs Grieve's 'Modern Herbal'. I have been trying to track down a copy of William Fox's book for some time, but the prices thus far have been silly. I'll try to read the book online, but like you I prefer to physically hold the book in my hands.

I do still owe you a list of the recent 'old' herb books I've added to my collection, last weeks bounty comprised of:-

The Art of Natural Healing by Dr Carl Q. Schilling [1931] and American chap, the book includes recipes that contain listerine of all things, apparently the mouthwash has been around in the states since around 1879, but originally it wasn't a mouthwash but an antiseptic for surgeons, it wasn't marketed publicly as a mouthwash until 1914, but I digress.

I have parts 1 - 8 of Pointers To The Common Remedies by Dr Margaret L Tyler [1939] a series of booklets on homeopathy, there were apparently 9 parts, no idea what the last part was called so if anybody knows to help my search to complete the set I'd appreciate it?

Herbal Teas For Health And Pleasure by Donald Law [1968].

The Roots Of Health by Leon Petulengro [1968], Leon being the son of Gipsy Petulengro the famed  Gipsy that had a BBC radio show about romany remedies and recipes in the 1930's.

The Physick Garden by Edith Grey Wheelwright [first published 1934 but mine is the 1939 version]. The delightful thing about this book aside from all the wonderful information within, is the the book is dedicated to Beatrix Potter, seems that the author was also a fan of Mrs Grieve as well happy.gif More on the last two books in another post later today.


Herbal Books on Michael Moore's website

November 11 2008, 5:12 AM 


Thank you.I shall indeed look at the sites you mention.

Thank you for the list,I shall post mine later in the week.I have the same problem with the William Fox book.Either the condition is poor or the price is not right.It ran into many editions right into the 1930's and was one of the most widely read herbal books of its time.

Herbal Books on Michael Moore's website

November 16 2008, 2:57 AM 

Hi Debs,
Four books recently acquired,but first,how delightful to know there is a herbal book dedicated to Beatrix Potter
Culpeper's Herbal edited by William Ferrier[Society of Herbalists 1938].Nicely illustrated with woodcuts from Woodville's "Medical Botany"[1794].
Herbs to Ease Bronchitis by William Smith[Thorsons 1976].Plenty of practical advice from Mr.Smith who was a regular contributor to Health from Herbs magazine and ran a successful practice in Preston for many years.
National Botanic Pharmacopoeia by Alfred Hall and Arthur Barker[National Association of Medical Herbalists 1932].Good monographs,vast number of prescriptions and the basics of pharmacy and dispensing.This edition compiled by 2 old Yorkshire stalwarts of herbal medicine.Contains photographs of the authors and under Mr.Barker's picture is signed"With sincere affection Arthur".I wonder who the original owner was?
Potter's Handy Prescriber by R.W.WrenMPS[Potter&Clarke,undated but probably early 1920's].First edition["For private circulation only"].Absolutely fascinating.This dates to the time when Potter's produced a huge number of ready made mixtures,pills and ointments,prepared for the practitioner or retail herbalist to dispense.Contains formulae of these old Potter's products and lots of general health advice.

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