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how to get dried herbs

January 18 2009 at 8:20 PM
from IP address

Hello, I've recently started experimenting with herbal remedies and ointments and doing quite well, and joined the Society. My problem is, where to get dried herbs. There are some things I might like to get in larger quantities. Can anyone recommend where I can get dried herbs in decent quantities? (and cheaply happy.gif

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Re: how to get dried herbs

January 18 2009, 9:06 PM 

In my experience, the best option for cheap medium to large quantity dried material is Baldwins of London (www.baldwins.co.uk) which is always my back up for things I use regularly, but can't collect or properly dry at home. They have a very useful online shop with a broad range. Perfect if you live in the sticks like me.

The downside with Baldwins (and I may be being pedantic) is that they don't list plants by Latin name which always irritates me. Consequently, you sometimes receive something that wasn't quite what you expected. E.g. I got a large back of Plantago major when I specifically wanted P. lanceolata and assumed it was the more commonly sold of the two.

The other possible issue is quality. I've had one experience of receiving a packet that was already past its date and I was also suspicious of their Hypericum oil which smells overwhelmingly olivey (I always thought sunflower was more suitable) and which has a somewhat dull pink tinge rather than the deep red colour I would expect. It has to be said that for more urgently high quality remedies I tend to shop from a more reputable source.

At the end of the day it's a compromise between what you can collect/process yourself locally, what you can afford and how much you need.

I'm sure others here can give you a whole range of suggestions for good quality brands/suppliers etc.

All the best,


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Re: how to get dried herbs

January 19 2009, 9:03 AM 

Hello Sandra,
Welcome to the Society and the forum. It is always good to meet new members.
I get my supplies from the following companies, all of whom I'm very pleased with and as I am a medical herbalist,it is very important that I am assured of the the quality.
Phyto Products Tel 01623 644334

ProLine Tel 01780 753366

Rutland tel 01608 659600

I find it rather alarming re the information about Baldwins. I have never used them myself so don't have first hand knowledge but i would now be very wary.
Do keep posting and let us know how you get on.



Re: how to get dried herbs

January 19 2009, 10:27 AM 

Thanks for those contact details, Linda.

Kristina, I share your concerns about Baldwins - they're fine if you're not concerned about the quality overmuch. I had some Vitex tincture from them and it seemed very "thin" compared with the tincture I'd had from my herbalist previously.

Unfortunately, Rutland will only sell to people who have a licensed medical herbalist number (this annoys me intensely!). Avicenna, which are the other producer constantly recommended by herbalists along with Rutland for quality, also restrict their sales to herbalists with a number, but they do have a sister company which sells to the public. I recently bought some saw palmetto tincture from them and was very pleased. I don't have the details with me at the moment, but I'll post them tonight.

I've only bought SJW oil once back in 1997, but I've been making my own with very good results ever since. I bought one plant from Poyntzfield which is now in my garden at home and Debs gave me two cuttings, which are growing strongly at the farm. Even when the weather has been appalling, there have been enough flowers for the children in my workshops to gather and make their own oil. It's one of those herbs I cannot do without.



Re: how to get dried herbs

January 19 2009, 10:31 AM 

Hi Linda,

Maybe I should emphasise that, on the whole, I have been perfectly satisfied with Baldwins given my budget and my lay status. For the standard first aid/home remedy stuff they are ideal and I have found many of their products very beneficial. I just thought it best to point out the potential pitfalls since awareness of these goes a long way to avoiding them.

As for the companies you mention, I have often experienced difficulties because of my lay status. Some professional websites can't be accessed without an NIMH number or such like and many won't sell to non-practitioners. I recently wanted to buy some of Prolines roasted dandelion root which had been recommended to me. In spite of being what I would consider a pretty safe product, Proline repeatedly emphasised to me on the phone that they really ought not sell it to me. They did in the end, but only because I bought it through the National Botanic Garden of Wales as part of a 'Daisy Family' event (Luckily a little was left over for personal use!). I haven't tried all professional suppliers admittedly, so maybe some look more kindly upon people like me, although I do find it encouraging that they are so stringent in many ways.

One company which certainly does supply to both professional and lay people is Avicenna. The quality of his tinctures is amazing, but unfortunately I would have to mortgage a kidney or two to buy any of it at the moment. I think he sells to the public via his sister-site "Artemis Herbs".

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Re: how to get dried herbs

January 19 2009, 7:58 PM 

I'm pretty sure that Phyto will sell to the public.


Avicenna and Artemis

January 19 2009, 9:49 PM 

Kristina beat me to it - Avicenna's public face is Artemis. I didn't think their prices were too outrageous - I paid around £9 for 100ml of saw palmetto and that seemed to be around the asking price of a lot of sites I looked at.

Their website is www.artemisherbs.co.uk



Dried herbs

January 25 2009, 7:51 PM 

I use a variety of suppliers - the only one not mentioned so far is Natures Laboratory/ Herbal Apothecary.01947 602346 www.herbalapothecaryuk.com.
They have a very large catalogue with herbs of all preparations (tincture,whole,cut,powdered,made into creams,oils etc).

New source of dried herbs

March 18 2011, 4:53 PM 

I recently ordered 200g of Yarrow, Elder flowers, Peppermint and Dandelion root from a source called Grays Herbs and I am thrilled with the quality and price of them.
I also emailed the owner and she's such a sweetie...

Just thought Id recommend her...

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