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Securing summer sweetness

July 31 2009 at 9:33 AM
from IP address

Every month, the members of Rebecca Hartman's Herbwifery Forum hold a blog party. People who wish to participate write an article or share their thoughts and pictures about herbs around a pre-agreed subject. The host collects the links from everyone and posts them on their blog so people can read them.

July's blog party was about summer weeds and was hosted by Darcy Blue athttp://desertmedicinewoman.blogspot.com/2009/06/blog-party-wonderful-and-weedy-ones.html. There was a wealth of wonderful postings and I learned a whole knew set of information about little known herbs such as self heal and ground ivy as well as new slants on old friends such as nettle seed and plantain.

This month's blog party is hosted by Kiva Rosehttp://bearmedicineherbals.com/ and the subject is "Sweet medicine" - cordials, syrups, honeys and elixir's. Kiva will be posting links to all the articles tomorrow, but if you want a sneak preview of mine, you can go tohttp://kitchenherbwife.blogspot.com/2009/07/sweet-memories-of-summer.html

I do wish we had more UK herbal blogs and could initiate our own herbal blog parties. They're great learning opportunities both from reading about other people's experiences and doing your own research for your own posting.

Blogs are incredibly easy to set up and manage. Many web hosts provide the internet space for free, so all you need is some time and some photographs to illustrate your subject. It doesn't have to be sophisticated, but you do need to post regularly. Once a month is sufficient, but it's nice if you post a couple of times a month. A lot of people use it as a diary for their personal or herbal exploits. It really doesn't matter whether or not you think you can write eloquently, you just talk as you would to your next door neighbour.

If you do feel inspired to set up a herbal blog, send the details of where you can be found to Debs and she will add you to the UK Herbwebring.

Happy reading and blogging!


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Sarah Head

Re: Securing summer sweetness

August 5 2009, 10:42 AM 

I guess everyone is too busy enjoying the rain or away on holiday to think about responding.

I've been ill for the past few days and have spent a lot of time dosing myself with herbs and pottering, which enabled me to try some experiments - a borage flower tincture because Claire wrote in her dissertation there needed to be more research on using borage flower preparations and I've not made a flower tincture before - a milk thistle leaf vinegar, to discover what mineral content the leaves might have, they certainly taste fresh and juicy when you eat them! - a pinapple leaf and flower honey, using the leaves of pinapple mint and pinapple sage and blossoms from blackcurrant sage, evening primrose, thyme and self-heal.

I've also put up my first jar of St John's wort flower honey and am waiting to see if it turns the bright red of the oil and tincture.

Has anyone else been experimenting recently?



Re: Securing summer sweetness

August 5 2009, 12:12 PM 

Oooh - let me know how that Borage flower tincture goes Sarah. I think I put my seed in too late to get anything other than leaves this year (too busy writing a dissertation!).

I've been playing with bilberries recently. Someone gave us a punnet and they sat on the bunker for a few days until I thought - I'm going to put them in vodka before they go off. It's absolutely delicious!

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