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A cream for varicose veins.

December 13 2009 at 7:19 AM
from IP address

we're using one with calendula and lavender for my husband and it's working well. next up, I'm going to try to make one myself, with horsechestnuts in it as well.

I have James Wong's book and Sarah gave me some idea as to how to make calendula oil. I've tried the calendula full heads and they are beautifully crisp now, so I'll go back and look up what to do next.

However, my son has a UK girlfriend, and she is not on internet. She has some serious varicose veins behing the knees. Can anyone tell me where she might be able to buy a good herbal salve in the UK. She goes to shops and they look at her blankly, but there must be somewhere, so if someone has an address or company that I can have my son tell her on the phone, with a brand of herbal salve/cream - whatever you think best in UK, could you please put it here?

Now, for me.

I've done the calendulas, and am about to make the oil.

I do have a lavendar plant which is 20+ years old, so next step will be to look up how to make lavendar oil, or I guess I can use essential oil?

Then I will find some way to massacre horse chestnuts finely, to do that!

I've scoured several recipes. Some advise using both calendula oil AND tincture.. lavendar oil and tincture (?) as well as horsechestnut tincture.


Does anyone have a good cream recipe which uses all three in the right quantities? Does anyone know of one posted anywhere on line?

Also, I've heard that lavendar oil shouldn't be used by males. I've googled it, and can't work out whether this is in the realm of urban myths.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I don't think it matters for my husband... that cream seems to be working. It's a bought one, but I have this "need" to make it myself! I will continue to buy until such time as I can make.

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kevin brown

A cream for varicose veins

December 14 2009, 5:07 AM 

Hi Hilary,

If you go to Napier's website,into the Health Advice section and scroll down
to varicose veins you will get the required advice,marigold ointment.

While you are in the site you can also read the clearest explanation of what is going to happen to herbal OTC medicines in April 2011.Looks like there wont be any!Seems to me this EU Directive only applies to the U.K.I suspect Weleda,Dr.Vogel's,Akropharma etc.will still be in business selling herbal medicines throughout the rest of Europe.

Sarah Head

Re: A cream for varicose veins.

December 15 2009, 9:23 AM 

Hi Hilary

Here are a list of reputable suppliers of herbal products with good quality products

Baldwins of London www.baldwins.co.uk
Phyto Products Tel 01623 644334
ProLine Tel 01780 753366
Artemis Herbs www.artemisherbs.co.uk
Natures Laboratory/ Herbal Apothecary. Tel 01947 602346 www.herbalapothecaryuk.com

I would strongly suggest that your son's girlfriend seek out a qualified medical herbalist in her area so that she can be given some horse chestnut tincture to take internally to strengthen her blood vessel walls as well as treating her varicose veins with an external cream/salve. If they go to the NIMH site, there is a search facility by geographical location. If they want to email me, I may be able to recommend someone.

With regard to your cream - I've never made it with a combination of herbs and I can never get a cream to stay together, so I just stick to salves. Having said that, my gut reaction would be to do 60% horsechestnut, 30% calendula and 10% lavender with equal amounts of oil and tincture within each percentage. (Hopefully other people will have other ideas!)

If it were me, I'd make up 2 products - a simple salve and a cream, so that if the cream doesn't work, you've still got the salve to fall back on. With the salve, I'd do a mixture of 60:40 horsechestnut:calendar with 4 drops of lavender essential oil per oz of salve using 1oz grated beeswax to 8 fl oz of oil to thicken.

Best wishes



Thank you.

December 19 2009, 1:12 AM 

Thank you Kevin... I couldn't find the description of herbal legislation on Napier's website. either I'm blind, or it's on a part which is accessible only by registered members? I suspect I'm blind.

The only answer is to educate so many people as to how to do simple herbals, that any legislation becomes meaningless.

Thank you Sarah. You are always very helpful.

I will email you. happy.gif

kevin brown

A cream for varicose veins

January 2 2010, 3:06 AM 

Dear Hilary,
I feel quite sure you are not blind!

In the Napier's website go into the "Act Now Campaign" section for the article.

I take this opportunity to wish everone involved with the Forum,both administrators and contributors, who make it all so interesting,the very best for 2010.



Varicose Vein Alternative Treatment

November 14 2014, 12:02 PM 

There is castor oil for varicose veins that can also eases the pain whenever soreness strikes due to varicose veins. This is oil is purely natural products.

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