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Anyone ventured outside yet?

January 18 2010 at 10:41 AM
Sarah Head 
from IP address

The sun was shining yesterday so I braved the elements and started on the long awaited clear up of my garden. Despite the previous freezing temperatures I was surprised how many of my herbs were still green and alive.

The fennel was ok apart from frost damage at the very tip of its fronds

The marjoram was green and was quite happy for a haircut

One of the rosemary bushes was dead, but the other two looked quite vibrant.

Cottage valarian was green and growing

There were still green leaves on last year's St John's wort (which needs pruning)

I still need to cut down the dead aerial parts of elecampane, marshmallow, mint and ashwaghanda.

What really amazed me was that some of the runner bean seeds I collected were undamaged by the adverse weather. I've still got seed heads of milk thistle to gather, so I'm hoping they will also be ok as the ones I harvested earlier weren't ripe.

What's happening in your garden at the moment?


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julie travers

anyone ventured outside yet

January 19 2010, 8:20 PM 

Hi Sarah,
the snow has just cleared here the last few days and my rosemary looks fine. The sage looks a bit sorry for itself but may pick up. My marjoram and thyme look ok but I am not sure about my lovely big lemon verbena bush!
However as snow is due again tonight I am going to leave the clear up until all the bad weather has well and truly gone. Hope everyone is keeping safe and warm. Look forward to seeing you in the spring Sarah.
Take care all.

eric makin

Re: Anyone ventured outside yet?

January 19 2010, 9:49 PM 

Hi Sarah. Have welcomed the chance to wander around the herb,flower and veggies and yet again am truly amazed at the tenacity of plants. Local temps just tickled on -8.5 during the coldest spell, yet the fragile looking vegetation seems to have cocked a snook at the temps and have riden the storm so to speak. Some flat leaf parsley in a somewhat sheltered area have continued to flourish, coriander in an unheated polytunnel continues to provide. Plenty of herbs are alive and well. My rosemaries are quite fit even though several years ago i did loose some during winter. These were exposed and I possible took too many bunches too close to cold conditions which didn,t help. I feel this winter, despite the cold, has not been as damaging as it could due to the lack of strong winds. Severe cold together with winds i feel is a real killer. Just browsing the seed catalogues and keeping patient at the moment. Take care.


Re: Anyone ventured outside yet?

January 22 2010, 12:26 PM 

I had a peek at my pavement pots now that the snow has melted and its a big black mushy mess!! The Rosemary and Thyme seems to be in good shape though as does the Yarrow (if a little flattened).
One little Borage seedling has managed to survive as well. I'm going to shift it as soon as possible as its come up under the Eucalyptus and the seedlings that came up there last year didn't thrive. Nor does anything that's in the same pot actually. I think I'll repot it on its own this year. Not yet though - its still freezing out there - and more snow on the way...

Anthony George Lyman-Dixon

Re: Anyone ventured outside yet?

January 23 2010, 10:57 PM 

Finally ventured out thinking, "yuk I hate the winter", and found Lavandula cristiana x and a purple Prostanthera flowering in the propagation tunnel.Although I told them that I thought they were both insane, I actually felt slightly better about things.

Jane Tapping

Ventured out?

January 24 2010, 10:24 PM 

Hello from wet and muddy dorset
Yes I have ventured out but only to empty the ashes, fill the coal bucket and get in baskets of logs, oh and to empty the teapot and peelings etc in the bean trench, kindly dug for me at Christmas by my son-in-law (nice lad) I have had the occassional trip down the garden to pick some sage and parsley etc. I noticed that the bulbs have started to poke up especially the small daffs in my box pots by the front door, but best of all the snowdrops are coming out and I can see lots of them from the kitchen window. One special snowdrop that I am pleased to see is 'Ophelia' given to me by a friend, first time of flowering. All the thymes and other woody things seem to have survived well. Why do self-sown plants always seem to do better? There are a few rather frosted looking flowers on the Rosemary, Majorca Pink and the odd one or two on Tuscan Blue, most of these I can see from the house as I have been warned to go steady as it is so slippery and if I go base over apex over and damaged my new knee I shall be nagged by all and sundry. I still have some berries on the myrtle, not eaten by the birds all though they gorge them selves on the ivy berries just a few yards away. One thing I hope to achieve this year is to sort out some of the wilderness that has grown up during the last few years due to my incapacity(knee!!!) Now I have no car I intend to have a thyme carpet down the centre of the drive, had one before but the builders ruined that. I also intend to replace the very straggly lavender hedge at the front so will be taking lots of cuttings. I must admit that I really prefer taking cuttings to sowing seeds. If any one is in N Dorset there's always some to spare.



Re: Anyone ventured outside yet?

January 28 2010, 4:32 PM 

I've been out pottering today.
I am pretty amazed at how many of herbs have survived this gruelling weather. Apart from a bit of frost bite on my Bay everything still looks pretty healthy although a good clear up is needed. My Bronze fennel is a bit droopy, but only planted it in November so will hopefully come to life in the warmer weather.
A question on horseradish I planted some good sized roots at the end of October - when will they come to life or are they doomed?
I am very Happy to see my rhubarb starting to sprout for some reason it doesn't like me and usually dies off - this is my fourth year of trying to get it to survive.
I am really looking forward to spring now and my garden springing into life it looks so bare in these cold months.

Sarah Head

Re: Anyone ventured outside yet?

January 28 2010, 11:34 PM 

Hi Carlie

My horseradish doesn't usually materialise until probably April. I look for it for ages and then figure the slugs have devoured it, but eventually it shows through ok.

Best wishes


eric makin

in out in out in out back in.

February 20 2010, 9:50 PM 

Have tried to venture out again but mother Nature is realy playing games. Lovely sunshine at times but very poor underfoot. Still everything comes to those who wait or so I have been told!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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