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money is da root of all evil

August 23 2010 at 2:33 AM
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I'll tell who da richest papua new guineans are they're the people who arnt even on the list, cause rich men dont waste their monies on materialistic objects like cars or shouting up drinks or shiney bling da rich 1s are the 1s investin overseas makin their millions silently cause think about it 1 million kina is worth nothin in the real world how much is 1 million kina in US dollars? nothing abssolutley nothing so these guys might be rich in 3rd world Papua New Guinea but on a global scale they aint worth a cent its true it sickens me dat thieves and criminals are considered rich men in PNG when wat they realley are are money hungry uneducated bandits they are are money demons cause money is da root of all evil

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