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1/48 Vultee Vengeance decals ...

August 19 2010 at 5:27 PM
Roger Lambert  (Login jindivik33)
from IP address

Kurt's post below got me thinking about what decals I'd like to see for the forthcoming 1/48 AZ Vultee Vengeance. Some initial thoughts are:

"Dianne" Vengeance Mk II, NH-L, A27-209, 12 Sqn

"Mustapha" Vengeance Mk II, GR-A, A27-220, 24 Sqn

"Yagottabkwik- Ye Boss"

A 21 Sqn example, MJ-?.

Any TT Vengeance.

Perhaps a NMF example?

Any other preferences we can use to cajole Aussie Decals, Hawkeye, Red Roo and Southern Sky to produce for us?



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Roger Lambert
(Login jindivik33)

Some quick notes on some Vengeance codes and serials ...

August 20 2010, 2:26 PM 

for possible consideration as decals:

Serial Mark Sqn Code Comment

A27-7 Mk Ia 7OTU

A27-50 Mk Ia 21 Sqn MJ-M

A27-60 Mk Ia 21 Sqn MJ-N

A27-99 Mk Ia 12 Sqn NH-V Extant at Narallen, NSW; nose art "Dina Might" is spurious.

A27-200 Mk IIa 12 Sqn NH-A "Yagottabkwik Ye Boss"

A27-203 Mk IIa 5 Comms Unit KF-? Unknown if codes applied

A27-209 Mk IIa 12 Sqn NH-L "Dianne"

A27-216 Mk IIa 12 Sqn NH-Q

A27-220 Mk IIa 24 Sqn GR-A "Mustapha"

A27-226 Mk IIa 24 Sqn GR-D

A27-228 Mk IIa 25 Sqn SJ-A

A27-229 Mk IIa 25 Sqn SJ-B

A27-233 Mk IIa 23 Sqn NV-P White Pegasus on cowling.

A7-235 Mk Ia 12 Sqn NH-R

A27-243 Mk Ia 23 Sqn NV-H

A27-245 Mk Ia 24 Sqn GR-R

And some incomplete airframe data:

A27-??? 12 Sqn NH-M "Biddles"

A27-252 24 Sqn GR-? "Joyce Smith"

A27-??? 12 sqn NH-? "Rilee Marikee"

Any others that modellers may have on a 'wish list'?



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Roger Lambert
(Login jindivik33)

Apologies team, I forgot the best nose art of all ...

August 20 2010, 10:22 PM 

A27-48, 23 Sqn, NV-S, "Lest We Forget".



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Nick Dixon
(Login justplanecrazy)

I got that for a 1.72 scale Vengeance. nt

August 21 2010, 10:39 AM 



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Ian Wales
(Login trigger03)

Vengeance decals

August 22 2010, 12:11 PM 

Also A27-219 NH-M BIDDLES.

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Roger Lambert
(Login jindivik33)

1/48 Vengeance decals ...

August 21 2010, 5:51 PM 

It seems that AZ Models have got at least two of my 'wish list'covered "Lest We Forget" and "Yagottabkwik - Ye Boss":

[linked image]

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(Login KenBowes)

Nice options

August 21 2010, 11:40 PM 

Might be worth researching the Sky Blue Codes issue as it looks like AZ have gone Medium Sea Gray on the artwork.

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peter hawkins
(Login pbhawkin)

query on colours

August 29 2010, 3:03 PM 

Hi all,
I have a question on the posted camouflage colours for the upcoming Vengeance.
It looks like all the profiles have the same colours and yet one is operated by the RAF (OBoP, 45Sqn) and the other two are RAAF planes (NHoA 12 Sqn and NVoS 23Sqn).
Surely OBoP should be Dark Earth, Dark Green over Light Grey and the other two in Light Earth, Foliage Green over Sky Blue??

Also, does anyone have any pictures of a Vengeance with it's bomb bay open?
Did it just carry 4 x 500Lb bombs internally or did it also have any external stores?


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Peter Malone
(Login PeterMalone)

Veangeance colours

August 29 2010, 6:56 PM 

RAAF Vengeances from A27-1 to A27-321 were built to British contract and originally were serialled in the AF and AN range. They were finished in American paints that Northrop had OK'd by the BPC. Aircraft delivered to the RAF and RAAF carried the same colours.

Aircraft from A27-400 on were built as A-37 aircraft for the USAAF and were finished in standard USAAF colours. Late in their career some RAAF vengeances appeared in overall Foliage Green and there was even the odd natural metal aircraft.

Standard bomb load for a vengeance was one 1,000lb bomb or two 500 lb bombs carried internally on 'Y' forks which swung the bomb(s) clear of the propeller arc when the bomb was released. The RAAF normally operated with one or two 500 lb bombs.

Yes, there are some photos of Vengeances with open bomb bays, I haven't seen any that show all the internals from front to rear. It was a maze of pipes etc in there.

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Roger Lambert
(Login jindivik33)

To illustrate Peter's response on the Vengeance colours ...

August 30 2010, 5:03 PM 

From the Ron Dupas Collection RAF AF745:

[linked image]

RAF Vengeances on Vultee assembly line:

[linked image]

USAAF colours:

[linked image]

[linked image]

A shot of AF746 in NMF at the Vultee factory to give you an idea of what a RAAF paint stripped Vengenace would look like:

[linked image]

And of course we must not forget the TT colours:

[linked image]




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