Summary Episode 16 (airdate Mon. 3/13/00)

by Anonymous

Early am in Cuernavaca outside Maldonado’s huge house:
Douglas sees Paulina – says it is not possible – it cannot be here, she has risen from hell.

Gema in the swimming pool with a white face and tan body asks CD for dinner by phone call.

Fidelina and Lalita have a disagreement in the sala about the latter’s work habits.

Cuernavaca: Still outside the gates yelling at Douglas Paulina says the fabrica esta ruinada, Maldonado says fine, open the door and let her in. Tells her that she seems truly sincere. She tells him she need $2,000,000.

Fidelina is in her room holding a baby bootie and crying. On the bed is an open music box, which is playing a song.

CD has arrived at Gema’s. He asks – do you think there may be another man?

Cuernavaca: Paulina says good bye and thanks. Braulio shows her to the door. Douglas stands with a look of bewilderment, a slow smile playing across his lips as he thinks about her, and thinking he hasn’t talked with anyone in a long time.

CD and Gema are talking. He tells her about the phone call telling him to look for proof.
G: You look? You find?
CD: (lying) no proof but you did not answer my question.
G: well we know she is a coquette, loves to party, but….well I do know something..
CD: what!?!
G: well she makes a lot of friends on her trips and they are men…
CD: but has she been involved with others? She cannot!!
G: well if you doubt, look!

Back at the Casa B. LAP and the children discuss school. LAP tells Carlitos that all schools have mean kids and bullies. He says he is scared. Lizette starts to sing on of her little songs, when Paulina arrives home, exuberant with good news and tells LAP that they must talk. After greeting the children she goes with LAP to the latter’s bedroom and tells her that she believes that God does help – in her heart she knows that God will save the fabrica. They also discuss the new school – Colegio Dolores.

CD arrives and nearly rear ends the black car that Pedro left at the front door. He is holding the photograph of Owsaldo and is pensive.

Paulina is in her room with Lalita who is hinting around about some gossip and stuff when CD roars in with the picture.
CD: I want to know, who is this!!!
P: I don’t know – maybe it is the servant’s
CD: then what the heck is it doing here in the drawer by the bed??

Cuernavaca: Douglas and Braulio are talking outside, with the two rottweilers. Doug asks his man who she reminds him, Braulio of. Braulio replies that she reminds him of a woman in Texas that DM almost married who disappeared. But this cannot be her – that that woman cannot be her, for she was refined, passionate, different.

In Paulina’s bedroom, Lalita comes in and CD thrusts the picture at her. Is this yours? Why yes, Lalita gushes, how lucky to have found it and on and on with some lame excuse of how it got lost and turned up there.

DM and Braulio continue talking about Paola- that she was on a vacation, that she had good jewelry – no this is not her they are different. He calls the bank and asks some questions.

Lalita exits. CD apologizes for the accusation. Paulina is furious that he was looking through her things.

Meanwhile in LAP’s room Piedad slowly explains to Panchito that physically this current Paola physically resembles the former Paola, but that they are identical twins!!! And swears him to secrecy, no one else has figured this out.

In Paulina’s room he tells her about the phone call. Would you believe a anonymous phone call? CD: well the guy came to the fabrica too. I am such a dolt! (we knew that)
P: we have nothing to talk about, leave. Leave. Leave!!!!

Lalita flounces in with the photo and returns it to Paulina who tears it into bits and flushes it down the toilet.

At the fabrica, Rodrigo has received a telephone call. He is telling the caller that he can assemble the expenses and sales figures. Willie stands listening (doesn’t this guy have anything else to do besides eavesdrop?)
Rodrigo tells CD that someone at the First National Bank called and said that someone is willing to give the business an infusion of capital once they receive some information.

Fidelina confronts Paulina.
F: how can you even consider putting Carlitos in a boarding school – does he annoy you that much?
P: he doesn’t annoy me. Maybe before but not now. I don’t intend to put him in boarding school.

Willie runs to tell Estephania the juicy gossip – that there is going to be $2 million. That CD is a poor man in love. That no one in the family has more guts and determination than Paola.

Fide and Paulina continue:
F: you cannot play with these children. You were not there – you did not take them into your arms when they were tiny – you did not change their little diapers or see them take their first steps…that she may be an insignifant no body in the household she loved those two as her own.
P: crying – hugs Fide and tells her that she understands. Then she tells her:
I am not Paola Bracho – not the small minded one that you knew – that these past few months have been different, do you understand???
Fide still crying leaves, saying she will go to Carlitos now.
Paulina remains in her room, tears running down her cheeks.

In the hallway Estephania meets Fide coming out and Fide follows E. into her room. She tells the older woman that she hates Paola and then throws her out.

Back at the fabrica, Leandro gives Rodrigo the figures. Rodrigo despairs at the poor sales. Leandro encourages Rod to have help.

Fide goes to Carlitos room still crying. He asks if she is okay, you are crying. She tells him she had something in her eye. Paulina comes in and asks Fide if she is calmer now.

At Douglas’ he is thinking about the financial arrangements and tells Braulio, there is a craziness about this – I know her, but she is another – who looks like her.

CD arrives home and P excited tells him about the new school. Rudely he tells her not to spend her own money that they might be separated someday and she will need all of it!
CD: is there anything more to talk about?
P: yes I went to DM and he is giving the money.
CD: (Shocked) now I understand why the bank called the fabrica.
P: happily explains all the new things they will get for the fabrica, the advertising they will do etc.
CD cuts her off telling her that she is supplanting his job and should be supervising the household instead. He storms off. When he returns he goes to the garden spot with Estephania, who once again spouts her hatred of Paola.

Monte Carlo: Paola has recovered. She looks in the mirror and promises herself that very soon she will return to her rightful place, at the casa Bracho, the place currently occupied by the Usurpadora.

Meanwhile at the casa Bracho, DM telephones Paulina. Felicidades he tells her.
P: Felicidades? Por Que?
DM: Los dos milliones de dolares I gave you!!!!

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