that deal with Veronica

by Liana


he really does have a wandering eye. I guess he is an example of that Latino male who is a loving father husband son good provider who thinks it is fine to have a little fluff on the side. That made me mad at him.

yeah I think LAP doesn't miss much. She already knows that Paulina is not Paola and she probably knows that the real Paola was fooling around with Willy. Remember when there was a discussion about Willy's possible infidelity a few days ago, and LAP (I think it was her) said he never leaves the house? Maybe it was Fide, but anyway. If he never left the house he musta been giving it to Paola IN the house - and how secret could that be? Of course Paola was keeping LAP drunk at the time on cognac. So maybe she theoretically would have been unaware. But in reality if two people are sneaking off for some afternoon delight I think that a normal and prudent person would notice...
Hey did you gusy notice the x-rays at the hospital? I was LOL at them. The soft tissue appeared to be plaster - there was a femur, a tibia no fibula and not foot bones. and NO TOES, like they took exrays of someone wearing lead socks!!!!!!

Posted on Mar 25, 2000, 9:45 AM

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