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Ibogaine, the fountain of youth

December 30 2002 at 9:43 AM
Brett Calabrese  (Login bcalabrese)

Ibogaine comes from the African shrub Tabernathe Iboga and is used for the treatment of addiction (experimental) as it will eliminate withdrawal from any known addictive drug (eg opiates, speed, alcohol, nicotine, cocaine... - to varying degrees, milage varies).

In the process it makes those stone cold, dirty/sick junkies healthy, fit and clean - this is NOT A JOKE or some BA. Take ibogaine and you look like you have been to Club Med for a couple weeks, not shooting drugs. It gives a GLOW - I call the ibo-glow, like a flush to the skin that makes it warm and soft. It is an amazing aphrodesiac, not like you were 22, BETTER, more stamina, more sensuality, more endurance, more passion.

It increases strength, sharpness of the eye (LITERALLY, often you can see without glasses), smells, colors are brighter, you feel young again - only better. YOU know when you see 3 year olds playing with huge amounts of energy and say "oh, if you can only bottle it"? Well, this is the stuff.

Try 100mg to start - taking large amounts for a full blown "trip" is unpleasent and VERY LONG (like days to come down fully). DO NOT take ibogaine if you have a heart condition of any kind and do not mix with medication. Take on a very empty stomach (4 hours+ after a light meal) and be still, don't move around for a couple hours, it will likely get you sick if you do. Later, have great sex with a partner, as good as any with XTC - but very different. The next several days you will be happier, have more energy, have the sparkle of a 16 year old. On a high dose you can kiss any drug habit good-buy, with a little work (very little). I have quit smoking, alcohol and drugs with ibogaine, it literally saved my life but no-one cares much about anti-addictive, the fountain of youth is another story - which is exactly what ibogaine is, like the tree of life, drinking from the golden chalis or something like that. A full blown dose (eg 20mg/kg) will put someone on cloud 9 from deep in addiction (milage varies...), to the extent the ibo-glow lasts for literally for MONTHS (for me it is about 6 months from a high dose - a high dose is not a hit of acid, you are not in Kansas any more so be warned to speak to someone who understands this stuff before attempting a high dose). There is a long acting metabolite called nor-ibogaine that sits in the body for months and has a similar ibogaine effect on mood and health.

Read this;


See ibogaine.org, ibogaine.co.uk

Indra@indra.dk - indra.dk has a 5X Tabernathe Iboga extract
Enthnogarden.com sells a 16X T. Iboga extract, ibogaine HCL as well as root
Marko Iboga@guest.arnes.si sells ibogaine HCL.

Note that a full dose will set you back over $100 (eg a gm) but is well worth it, anyway you will only need a few mg's and not a gram to start - even 25mg will be noticed.

Dosages for each type of ibogaine/extract are DIFFERENT - eg 100mg of HCL is a nice test dose, so is 200mg of Ethnogarden extract or 1/2 gram of Indra extract - The basic (rough) ratio is 5 grams of Indra to 1 gram of HCL or 2 grams of Ethnogarden extract to 1 gram of HCL - 2mg/kg is a good starting (TEST) dose for HCL - which would be twice that for Ethnogardens or 5 times that for Indra. The extracts are whole plant, meaning they are somewhat different than ibogaine HCL (more "spiritual and softer, ibogaine HCL comes on very strong).

They are all reliable sources for ibogaine, I am not in the selling ibogaine business but if you want me to take your money I would be more than happy to take it (at a nice mark-up), call them and have them ship you ibogaine - or you can do it yourself at no mark-up... Again, they will not ship to the USA, so don't ask.

Here are some sources.

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April 6 2004, 6:49 AM 

my body weight is 68kg-male.How much root bark or extract of ibogaine have to buy(is equal effect like pure-distillate ibogaine?-2 years ago i took 1,3g),beacuse im going to use it in anti-addiction purpose (opiates).Could please tell me how to consume 20g - fill into capsules and eat?

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