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by Hogsnard


See the Post about Jesus H. Motherfucker.
Dick Thyne called himself Jesus H. Manson.
Eli Osterberg is a mean motherfuckin bass player.
He's not mean, he's just a mean bass player.
I mean to mean that he's not mean.
I like to type the full name, so that when you google it, you get a hit here.
Hi Eli, did you just google yourself?
How about you? (weird stranger trolling the internet).
Will we really download our minds into the computers of the future?
Will the past become permanent record on the old pages cached from the internet?
Will my downloaded mind run across this sentence in 2052 while absorbing the matter in some distant galaxy transforming every atom into bits of pure information?
Makes you wonder, Steve Novotny.
Sarah Rumage?
Sarah Kincaid!
Dick Thyne won't be reading this, unless all entities are reconstituted at the end of time by the intelligences that have absorbed all matter (as described above) and then, by the property of all events being permanently stored in the atoms involved, all past aware beings could be recreated - just like that star trek episode with Abraham Lincoln.
George Renan! I'm talking to you!
Sean O'Connor - if I only knew your middle name I could make sure that you would find this page with an autogoogling. A self-googlation.
Did I mention Blake Kincaid?
I thought not.

Posted on Mar 25, 2005, 8:00 PM

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