The Deified Atheist: Dick Thyne Slaphog Demigod

Dick Thyne is Dead.
Dick Thyne is REBORN!
Here you will find the teachings of the great atheist philosopher Dick Thyne. Only the true God would deny his own existence - the Atheist is Deified! Dick was the drummer in Slaphog. As we all begin the process of total transformation into pure information Dick is coming back to us by the same process but from after death. Here in the forum we speak his name, and it is recorded in the book of life, i.e. the internet, and the hits on google grow as we regrow the being we call 'DICK THYNE', and lo! HE is Reborn!

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  1. The Hogs Slop themselves. Slurp-E, Jul 23, 1999
  2. the sacred rituals of the ILLUMIGNOSTRI. high reverand bacon, Jun 15, 1999
    1. Blowing of the Arm Horns. GUnk, Jun 16, 1999
    2. Sacred Jello Molds. McDaddy, Jun 21, 1999
    3. Mystic Rite of Bread into Toast. Hambone the UnJoweled, Jun 21, 1999
      1. Toastsubstantiation? I do it every day.. Peanut Joe, Jun 24, 1999
    4. hog pinata of good fortune. high reverand bacon, Jun 21, 1999
    5. Uri Geller Bent-Penny Raffle. Peanut Joe, Jun 21, 1999
    6. Slapdance. GUnk, Jun 25, 1999
  3. 3d Hogchess. Hogsnard, Jun 23, 1999
  4. the hog has released his jowls. hogsnard, May 27, 1999
    1. Hot buttered?. Peanut Joe, May 29, 1999
      1. I hope you shaved those Hog JowlS real good!. Jesus H Manson, May 29, 1999
      2. Slurp, Slop and meaning behind the Hog. Whap-Dang-Du, May 31, 1999
        1. fat of the beast. GUnk, Jun 16, 1999
    2. Rites, Rituals, and a Frightful Oinking!. high reverand bacon, Jun 15, 1999
  5. "Curly tails and cute poited ears". Jesus H Manson, May 27, 1999
    1. but how do i join this cult?. hambone the unjowled, May 27, 1999
      1. "Cut Options"!. Jesus H Manson, May 29, 1999
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