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Mugged and stripped

October 19 2002 at 12:52 PM
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I was walking home from a night out with my aunt, uncle and two female cousins when we were held up by a couple of muggers. They forced us off the main street into a side street and took our valuables and then made us strip stark naked. They then made us lie on the ground while they ran off. I suppose that we were lucky that the only injury we suffered was some acute embarrassement as we had to go looking for help without a stitch of clothes on.

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Re: Mugged and stripped

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October 19 2002, 1:23 PM 

I was working in a jewellers in the UK and we had an armed robbery where two male colleagues, another female and I were forced to strip to our underpants. They used our tights to tie us back-to-back.

The most embarrassing thing was that I removed my skirt and tights to reveal an awful old fashioned pair of knickers that went halfway down to my knees. They had belonged to my mother. I just wore them for warmth but they most have looked odd on a twenty four year old woman. Certainly gave the two robbers a laugh.

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Re: Mugged and stripped

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November 1 2003, 5:02 PM 

When I was in high school, about ten years ago, I was a victim of a mugging on a train where I was robbed not just of my money and jewellery but also of my shoes, jacket, blouse and skirt. There were four of them armed with knives and they just went through twelve people on the carriage with a sack and made you put everything into that. I saw a woman who refused to remove her trousers being punched in the face and having them torn off anyway so we co-operated. They then just got off at the next stop with their loot leaving everyone in their underpants. I was not physically harmed, I just had the embarrassement of making my way home in underwear and pantyhose.

Some years later I was involved in a bank robbery. I was in the bank lodging a check and about six robbers burst in and forced everyone behind the counter with the staff at gunpoint. Then they made us all disrobe and then put us in a small strong-room at the back. When everyone was in the nude they took our watches and jewellery. I had to remove and hand over my rings, a bracelet, ear-rings and a pendant. They then tied everyone together in pairs. They left with everyones wallets, jewellery, clothes and shoes along with the money they stole from the bank. At first I think we were all to shocked to be embarrassed.

There was no room to sit down. There were about 20 people, maybe seven or eight men and thirteen or fourteen women, all bare naked, in a very confined space. It was like being on a very crowded train at rush-hour except everyone was stark naked. The air was very restricted and eventually people started fainting. Luckily the police rescued us after about an hour.

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Re: Re: Mugged and stripped

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February 18 2004, 8:07 AM 

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May 7 2004, 7:57 AM 

My experience of this was terrifying at the time but we got off lightly. I was on my way to a conference with my boss (male) and his PA (female). My boss was driving and we were one a remote rural back road. We passed a guy lying at the side of the road and some one standing beside him waving us down so we stopped.

As soon as my boss got out and went over to them to see if he could help a guy came out from some bushes with a gun, the guy who stopped us pulled a gun and the guy on the ground stood up and also took out a pistol. We were terrified, one of them came over, opened the door and ordered us out.

They brought us away from the road. One of the gang said "ok just cooperate and you wont get hurt." He then ordered my boss to hand over his car keys and told us to hand over our wallets, purses, watches and jewellery, we even had to give them our shoes. He then said to my boss, "nice suit lets have that too, and the shirt". My boss hesitated and he lifted his gun to his head saying "come on we ain't got all day".

Soon he was in his underpants and socks. One of the robbers turned to us and said "ok ladies, you too please." They stripped us of our jackets, skirts and blouses leaving us in tights, bras and knickers. By this time we were terrified, expecting the worst. However they just tied us to some fence posts and went off with our clothes and the car. Eventually after about an hour I managed to work my hands free and released the others. We had to walk to the nearest house in our underwear and get help.

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Highway Robbery

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February 23 2005, 5:09 AM 

When I was a 20 year old student I was returning from a wedding with my parents. We were driving on a remote back road. It was about midnight, we needed petrol and saw a service station. So we pulled in. As soon as my father got out two men wearing masks approached him. One man had a pistol. he told my father that there was a robbery in progress and we all had to follow them into the forecourt shop. There were another two or three of them in the shop. They ushered us into a back room and one of them said "OK let's have your valuables". So we handed over any cash & cards we had.

The masked man said "OK ladies your jewelery please". My mother and I gave them our rings, watches, necklaces and so on. My father had to hand over his rings and watch. Another of the robbers said "We've struck it lucky, these people got a lot of money on their backs". We were indeed wearing our best clothes for the wedding we had just attended. The first robber then said "We'll have your shoes please." We removed our shoes, I was hoping that they would stop at that, I was already blushing. Then he said "OK the swanky gear as well please."

Hesitently I unfastened and stepped out of my dress. This left me and mum in bra, knickers and tights and dad in his socks and y-fronts. I noticed that our clothes joined a pile of clothing that one of the gang was packing into bin bags. I was now in tears, partly from embarrassment, mainly from being deprived of my £750 Prada silk dress, matching £240 Prada handbag, my £100 Pierre Cardin pumps and a couple of thousand pounds worth of jewelery.

They then lead us out the back door into a yard and one of them opened a metal door into a largish windowless store room. Inside were about eight men and women, all in their
underpants, except for one woman who was wearing a slip. One young woman was only wearing socks and knickers, she had her arms crossed across her chest. She obviously had not been wearing a bra under the clothes she was stripped of.

Yet another young woman was wearing a camisole top and a pair of opaque tights, which I looked at with a little bit of envy. Mother and I were wearing sheer black tights which your knickers can be seen through which was quite embarrassing. I tend to wear opaque tights nowadays especially when traveling.

They locked us in, there was no heating so we huddled together for warmth. After about 20 minutes the door opened again and two young men in boxer shorts came in. About half an hour after that a middle-aged woman in her bra and knickers was pushed in. After that it went quiet until the police came to release us about two hours later.

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January 16 2006, 10:03 AM 

Nothing doing here for ages

In case anyone wanders in, here's links to some more in the same vein




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Re: Highway Robbery

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September 4 2006, 3:41 AM 

Back in the late 1950s (don't ask me how old I am now!) I was in a small dance band which toured around the North East. We toured around in 2 or 3 trucks staying in hotels and the like. I did it for a couple of years before moving on. My girlfriend, Dorothy, was in the band with me, I was a gutarist and vocalist and she was a backing vocalist. She was a very modest girl. When we made love she always kept her slip or skirt on, I'd never seen her naked. Anyway in our truck on this tour were 3 men and 4 women as follows, me - guitarist/vocals, Garry - saxophonist, Frank - drums (& driver) Samantha - keyboards Dorothy (my gf), Janice, Mary, all backing vocals. About 5 o'clock one evening we were on our way to a job in a vary rural area, it was a bit remote even. We had to go a few miles out of the way for some reason so the others in the band were already there and we were running to catch up with them.

We saw a black car parked across the road and a man in uniform flagging us down - it looked like a police check point. Frank asked him what was the matter and the man in the uniform told him that here had been a prison breakout and that they were checking all vehicles and would he mind getting out of the vehicle for a moment. Frank complied but as he got out he saw something which freaked him. He told us later that it was a couple of guys in prison clothes holding hand guns crouching behind their car. He went to get back into the truck to attempt to get us out of there but one of the escapees jumped forward and fired at him. Frank fell from his seat onto the ground. He had been hit in the thigh and was bleeding profusely from his wound. At this the girls woke up and began screaming and at this point about eight of them materialised and surrounded the truck. They were all armed and fairly rough looking. Of coure the guy in the uniform was one as well, the uniform and weapon had been seized from their guards during the escape. "OK everyone out and form a nice straight line along the curb please ladies and gentlemen!" the one in uniform shouted. He seemed to be in charge. We wanted to help Frank who was lying in a bloody heap moaning but they were adamant that we got into line. They then ordered us to take our shoes off and then their leader said "Ok now the clothes - come on strip! Strip to the bare skin now!"

Me and the other guy got out of our suits and underwear asap! The girls were slower, partly out of sheer embarrassement, partly because their hands were shaking with terror. They had unzipped and stepped out of their dresses and their underskirts and slips and were now struggling to unhook stockings from corselets and undo bras and so on (womens' underclothes had so many hooks and buttons to undo back then - I'm amazed women had the time to to do anything else besides dress and undress). This delay was getting the robbers angry, one saying "come on ladies - get out of your drawers before we have to take them off for you" So I went over to my girlfriend who was blushing from her face to her stomach and was struggling with her stockings and said "let me help". I swiftly got her stockings,bra and panty-girdle off her and now at last was seeing her in the nude, albeit under very bizarre circumstances! She then got close behind me using me as a sort of shield. One girl was fumbling with her garters and one of the convicts used a knife to cut her garter belt and pants off her very roughly, leaving her with a small cut on her hip. This encouraged the other girls to get out of the rest of their clothes so no further force was used.

Everyone was now stripped completely naked. The leader guy then said "let's have your watches and jewellery now" and one of the crooks went down the line with a bag into which we had to deposit anything else of value we still had, I lost my watch and Dorothy wept as she surrendered her rings, bracelets, necklace and earings. Frank was still dressed and on of the gang now ordered the women to undress him. Normally he would have been delighted to have three good looking young naked women remove his clothes but the pain of his injury was a distraction. First they removed his jacket, shirt and undershirt, then his shoes. Samantha (our keyboard player) cradled him in her arms and tried to comfort him while Mary and Janice removed his trousers and underpants as gently as possible though he howled in pain as this happened. One of the girls' stockings was returned to us to use as a tourniquet to stop our wounded friend from bleeding to death. We then had to put our clothes into our truck which two of them drove off in. The rest of them got into their own car drove off in leaving us in the middle of nowhere stark naked and in Frank's case with a nasty flesh wound into the bargain.

We decided that the girls should stay with Frank while Garry and I went for help. We were in open farmland with a lot of meadows broken by the occassional clump of trees. We set off down the road, after about 15 minutes we saw a group of people running towards the road over a field. As we got closer we could see that it was a middle aged man and woman, two young men and a young woman and like us every single one of them was stark naked, the men keeping a few yards in front of the women. We went to meet them as we suspected it was strongly likely that they were in the same predicament as us. They saw us as they reached a gate at the corner of the field. The three men approached us but the woman grabbed the girl's arm and said something like "this way Rebecca" and they went to hide themselves in a nearby clump of bushes in order to preserve their modesty in front of two male strangers. The older and the two younger men were tall, well muscled and had what used to be called "farmers' tans" - their faces, necks and forearms were tanned but they were fairly pale elsewhere. They were indeed farmers, a family actually, Mr and Mrs Henderson, his sons aged 21 and 18 and his 19 year old daughter. They told us that they had a farm about 5 miles away and had driving into town for a family gathering so had been dressed in their Sunday best. As I expected their story was similiar to ours, except no one had been injured. It was he same gang who deprived them of their valuables, forced them to exchange their Sunday clothes for their birthday suits and drove off in their car. The farmer told us that there was a diner and gas station about half a mile away across the next field, run by a "Ma Bradley". His youngest son would stay with the women while he and his eldest went there with us for help.

After walking across country for about 15 minutes Mr Henderson pointed out Ma Bradley's place. However when we got there it was deserted. The were a couple of cars in the front but left with the doors open and no sign of anyone. We went into the diner and found food left on tables and the kitchen was left as though the cooks had simply vanished. We also found a telephone but the cable had been ripped from the wall. So we had a look out back. Still nothing. Then the Henderson boy said that he could hear knocking and shouting. It seemed to be coming from a barn-like building across the yard the door of which was padlocked. We found a metal pole and used it to lever the lock off. Inside were Ma Bradley, her cook, her waitress and about a dozen other men and women (customers I assume) and every single one of them without exception was completely naked. Guess who had got there first? They had been there like that for about two hours. They had heard cars stopping while they were locked in there but no one heard their cries for help. We stopped the next car that passed and they went to find the nearest telephone to summon help. While we were waiting Ma Bradly and her staff found a couple of aprons and overalls which they gave to some of the women to allow them to conceal their nudity.

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Mugged & stripped

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July 6 2012, 1:07 AM 

My experience also happed as high school girl. My mugging din't happed at gun point on a train or in some back alley. It happed in my own high school. No guns, no knifes just intimidation by a bunch of school girls. I still don't know if you can call it a mugging; they din't steal anythings except forcing me to take my clothes off in front of boys. Inviting me to drink beer after school with them was just a trick to get me to go with them. I'm sure if I would have been and ugly fat girl, no one would have been interested in seeing me naked. But I guess they found me attractive enough to be stripped. Ofcourse I din't have a clue when we walked inside the house. I thought it was going be a little girl get together party still I saw boys were also there. I discovered it was no joke when they told me to take my clothes off. I quickly figured out I'd never make it to the door and getting my clothes forced off would be far more humiliating. Taking it off myself was the most shameful thing I've ever done. It was a sexual turn on for everyone but me. Having to stand there with boys tuching and drewling over me and girls having the time of their lived, was the most degrading experience I've ever been forced to do. To top it all, I had my lousy ten dollar lunch money stolen from my skirt pocket. I had a beer, only a wore it instead of drinking it. I guess it was arousing to see it dripping over my breasts and down my crotch. I was let go about an hour later and threatend to strip me the next time on the street if I reported it. I was so intimidated I never did anything about it out of embarrassment. I just let it go and hoped that no one would find out. Usually things that happen in schools go unpunished and treated as normal teen behaviour. It would have done nothing but myself threw humuliation.

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September 2 2017, 8:15 PM 

Sounds like a load of bullshit fantasy of a 14 year old boy.

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