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If you don't mind a vintage pen...

August 7 2004 at 11:32 PM
Ross Stone  (no login)

Response to Advice on a "bomb proof" ball pen!!.......

you might consider a Parker Sterling ballpoint. They are readily available from vintage pen stores and often appear on a well-known auction site. I have used the one I was given as a high-school graduation gift 41 years ago every day since then, and it is still fine. I've gone through two springs (I believe), also replaced by Parker under the liftime warranty, but other than that and buying a refill every few months (the Parker refills have a very large ink supply), the pen is indestructable - and very stylish (actually, I think they are stunning, but I'm biased). The Parker medium refill puts down a fairly broad line, and there used to be a broad refill available (and my still be: I haven't checked, because I prefer the fine). I hope you find what you're looking for. Take care.


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