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Thanks JiaXian...

August 10 2004 at 10:49 AM
Edwin H. Heusinkveld  (Login EdHe)
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Response to Being the owner of a Cobra

I dont think the leaves on the cap are from a Bamboo plant either (I think you are rightly describing them as long and thin).
I didnt give it much attention until I received the phone call from some (very nice and helpfull) man at Pilot Pen Netherlands (responding to my e-mail question regarding the background of the pen). I do like the green-leaves for there color, contrasting the black of the cap.

To be honest I was looking at the Cobra yesterday and while examining the cap realized it was the same as mine...

But now knowing this cap isnt the proper one for the barrel and realizing the proper cap hasnt any color in it (exept gold) makes me wonder if I still want to keep this pen. I do like the green-gold-black color combination.

The King Cobra, very nice, but, somehow, isnt me. Maybe I should check it out with the proper cap. I did like it though, very much indeed, when I first saw the Cobra a couple of years ago.

I think I ask for the salesperson to send me the proper cap for my pen and I ask him to send the King Cobra barrel too.

I still do not know what to do:

- keep the combination I have now; very nice but not genuine and knowing that makes it (a lot) less atractive.
- replace the cap with the original one; not as nice but then the pen is as it should be,
- buy the Cobra and have the nice cap (black-green-gold) and have a LE instead of the Bamboo (according to the salesperson the Bamboo might be a rarer find then a LE King Cobra) AND get half of the money I paid back.


Edwin... puzzled

Do any of you ever have bought their pens through internet shops? I have seen my pen advertised for less than half of what I paid in the shop in The Hague. Although a couple of euro's more isnt one of my biggest concerns, I like to go and speak to someone in person rather than having to send e-mails out, but an almost 50% difference is quite a lot; enough to buy the King Cobra

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