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Thanks MaxH...

August 11 2004 at 1:05 AM
Edwin H. Heusinkveld  (Login EdHe)
PP Discussion Group

Response to My advice is...

Ì think, well I know, that I dont want to keep the current combination because it isnt the right one. Your argument regarding selling or trading it is valid too, although I did not buy a Namiki to sell or trade, mearly to write with it.

I think I'll ask the store to send me the original cap for my Bamboo pen and the Cobra barrel and see if I like my pen with the proper cap or if I like the Cobra with the (proper) green-leaves-cap.

I would love to get a pen which I love (I did love my current pen) but the store I bought my pen doesnt have a lot of pens in stock so finding THE one is difficult.

Regarding the Cobra, you are right that I think it is a bit aggressive for my tast (although with the proper cap that might change a bit). I did not know about Namiki having a number of cobra's left. Can you tell me what price I could expect after the discount (by e-mail).



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