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Picked up the Yukari Cherry Blossom (Yozakura Raden) this week

August 14 2004 at 10:17 PM
Gordie  (no login)

Response to maybe you like to read my 'report': <LONG>


Thanks for the great report. I'll jump in and try to supplement the thread (I hope this isn't a hijack...)

I just picked up the Cherry Blossom (Yozakura Raden) which is the Yukari size. It is a small pen compared to others I use (and smaller compared to the Yukari Royale and of course the Emperors!) - I think it is the same size as the King Cobra. It's a great size for carrying around and clipping to my shirt while at work.

I have the medium nib which is much finer than a Montegrappa medium. It is very precise, although so far it is fairly stiff (not scratchy though), especially compared to the Montegrappa which is very flexy. Both are nice for totally different purposes, the Monte is for larger, more stylized writing, great for signatures and adornment. The Namiki is great for note taking, work ideas, and a general writer.

I wonder if the Namiki's nib will get more flexible with time, I've only had it one day, but I wrote with it all night last night. The pen flows great, and starts every time (compared to my Monte which, possibly due to the extremely flexible nib flowing like crazy, sometimes doesn't start right away if I lift the pen and then start writing again - however, don't get me wrong on the Monte, it writes great, it is very wet and flexy, but that gives it a lot of style - the Namiki feels very precise in comparison, with less variation in line).

I love how the Cherry Blossom looks, much nicer than the pictures show (and it looks pretty nice to me in the pictures). The presentation with the box and red felt is fantastic, and the pen is a pleasure to use. I am very pleased with it.

I would like to check out the Yukari Royale and Emperor at some point (no pun intended), but I wanted a portable and the Yukari fit the bill. I was interested in a Seahorse, but I couldn't find one, although now that I have it I'm glad I got the Cherry instead. I think the Yukari Royale is a nice balance between the small size of the Yukari and a larger pen, so I don't think you can go wrong there.

Regarding the scratchy nib, and the flow problems - as I mentioned the Cherry I have is flowing great and doesn't feel scratchy, so if yours doesn't loosen up in a few days, hopefully the dealer can correct it with a new nib (or you'll decide on something else).

Good luck with whatever you decide, I think the Namiki's are gorgeous and the craftsmanship is tops! The Egret looks fantastic, especially with the gold on the bottom and the top (and on the clip).

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