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Well, Jack, the answer has been a long time coming, and...

August 15 2004 at 8:36 PM

Robert Durick  (Login RobertDurick)
Belles Lettres Discussion Group

...isn't complete yet.

I don't think I will buying any more Etrurias soon. When the cracked ice came, the convertor that came with it wouldn't fit at all; I replaced it with a Waterman convertor. I could fill the convertor directly from the bottle, but I could not fill it through the nib. To its credit, after being idle with gray ink in it for a few months, it wrote, very well, today as soon as the nib hit the paper.

When I bought my convertor my dealer pointed out it was a different Etruria from the ones in his case. The trim was different and it was an entirely different filling system. His had a convertor that worked like a piston. I reckoned I ought to have one of those and got it finally. The cap does not thread well, and the pen leaks. My dealer tried replacing the convertor with one from another Etruria that was a little different. The pen writes great; it'll stay clean for a day of use, but left idle it rewards me with a handful of ink.

The same anthropomorphism that leads me agree that inanimate objects are out to get us makes me hopeful that the pens will heal on their own. So I will leave them for awhile.

The Stipula distributor has changed since my dealer got his selection. It is now Luxury Brands; he says that they have not called him. I may have to dig around a little to see if they will make the brown pen whole. I will live with the cracked ice.


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