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Well, it depends on the ink. To be on the safe side pretty much the only thing you should

August 23 2004 at 2:23 PM
JackForster  (Login JackForster)
Belles Lettres Discussion Group

Response to Dip-pen ink in piston filler fountain pens...

use in fountain pens is purpose made fountain pen ink. Dip pen ink depending on the composition/pigments used may very well be too thick or have pigment particles too large for the feed channel on a fountain pen and seriously clog it. India ink is absolutely out as it dries to an insoluble varnish and will permanently destroy any fountain pen in which you use it. A dip pen in MIGHT be alright as long as it's not too saturated and it's not a metallic pigment, but I'd steer clear by and large.


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