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You out did yourself…

June 25 2010 at 2:08 PM
Helen  (no login)

Response to LiL’s Adventures in The Netherlands..


I'm in love with the Netherlands after viewing and reading your post. I'm hiring you for National Geographic (lol I wish I could!)

When I first saw the photos, without reading, I thought they were of Venice. This place is awesome and your photographic eye caught all the beauty and wonders spectacularly. You had to be there for at least a week to catch so much of the country side and lifestyle.

You always get photos of the most interesting subjects. That mini restroom is one of them; it looks sort of private enough for a man, if they don't mind peeing in public. My question is - where are the ones for women? I wonder what a womans would look like and I'm curious if theres any woman, in their right mind that would go in the open like that?

Those wind mills were amazing but do people actually live in them? Is the one you got the picture of for the keeper of the windmills to stay in during the day?

Did you buy a pair of clogs? Decades ago, Alvin Lee of the British blues and rock band Ten Years After made clogs a fashion trend by wearing them for his concerts. I didn't buy a pair but I have friends who did.

Your travel reminds me of a book I read in the mid '70 by the name of Just Off Chicken Street by Floyd McClung. It's about American teenagers who went to Amsterdam, following the Hippie Trail to find free drugs and a carefree living. It's a great book; I think I might read it again. Now tell me the truth about this question. How many of those space cakes did you indulge in?

You did a wonderful job Lil!




I love your Avatar

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