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Re: My pillow is calling

January 3 2011 at 9:52 PM

LiL  (Login LiL888)

Response to My pillow is calling

Helloooo Helen..

Hope u had sweet dreams last night. You won't belive it but i took 3000 photos on my recent trip to Pangkor Laut. Took me more than 10 hours to sort out my pics. It is not that easy to take pictures of hedgehogs like Needles cause he is not exactly co-operative. It takes me a while to cajole and sweet talk him to look my way and to keep still so that i can get a decent shot.

Needles has been making too much noise on his wheel and pooping everywhere so his Daddy confiscated his favourite toy. No wonder he looked at me with a sad face yesterday.

Thanks for looking at my pics but just want to let u know that i will most likely not be posting another photoessay until early March. Happy New Year to you and wishing you the best in 2011 !


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