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November 17 2004 at 1:50 AM

Jim Deady  (Login jjd1946)
Trading Zone

Response to No

Put everone in a1967 Lotus 3.0 liter costworth, or the like, and make them drive the damb things!You remember driving;,a steering wheel,a shifter, clutch,brake peddle and gas to be used as you saw fit. Get rid of sand traps The huge runoffs and the "new tracks"which are no more then go cart tracks.
Put the trees back.Go back to the old monza complete with the banking use the old spa circuit,go back to the old nurburgring.And get rid of those silly slow corners.Retun to the absolute beauty of a car balanced on a knife edge of a hyper fast corner.
But, I'm afraid its lost forever and mores the pity.We wil never see their like again.The heros are gone-

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