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430 vs 360...

May 10 2010 at 9:05 AM
Dino944  (Login Dino944)
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Response to IMO...

From an appreance perspective, I like the interior and back half of the 360 more than the 430. But I prefer the 430 front end which looks sharper and more aggressive. I've heard some people describe the 360 nose as resembling a yoke for cattle/oxen! However, I find the back of the 430 looks too heavy and awkward. Even my friend who adores his 430 has said the 430 is a great car, but its not a very pretty Ferrari.

I think the exhaust note and performance package of the 430 seems to be a significant leap forward from the 360. I'm just sad that with fewer people opting for a manual transmission each year, it appears that the 430 was the swan song for manual transmissions in Ferraris. Sure computers can shift faster than people and match revs perfectly, but at some level for me at least, I start to feel more like a passenger than a driver.

I love the sound and feeling of the F cars, but if money were no object I'd probably be shopping for vintage Ferraris. Although, maybe I'd get a new 458 Italia for the heck of it...(so far I like its looks more than the 430 and its supposed to be very impressive on the road).

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