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There were 6 cars on the track at any one time, max...

September 30 2011 at 2:35 AM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
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Response to An empty track...


The skill levels and experience of the drivers let loose were pretty wide ranging, so Lamborghini did it conservatively and safely (and correctly, in my humble opinion)

3 Avantadors (which were totally brand spanking new, holy cow!) plus 4 (or 6?) Gallardos - the Gallardos were driven by "pro shoes" while the Avantadors were driven by ...well, the likes of me!


So the Gallardos were both lead and "cap" cars to keep us from getting too carried away (or being too prim and proper...)

It was interesting to see the Gallardos "wagging their tails" (fishtailing) while the Avantadors remained completely firmly planted...I'm sure there were some sweaty moments in those "pro" seats with the Avantadors bearing down on them...

Actually, the most disconcerting and "scarey" moments in the Avantadors were when the electronic nannies kicked in and you were expecting one thing and the electronic overlords same down on you and said no, you will experience this instead and "KaChunk" or "Thump"

Be as churlish as you like, my friend, but in a fast corner I'll take 4 wheels any way of the week. I'm not yet suicidal...


That being said, I've recently started re-connecting to that great open feeling of freedom of not having a steel (or carbon) cage around me while having the wind rush past really does put your nerves and synapses on high alert and wakes you up. In my humble opinion, riding a bike also makes one a better driver, much more sensitive and noticing many things one misses in a sealed car cabin...soon I'll be experiencing an open wheel (done that before) vehicle in an open cockpit (that too, but never both together) and I wonder how that merges riding a bike vs a high powered supercar...

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