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Having to buy a new car:opinions about Jaguar appreciated

November 21 2004 at 1:46 AM
Lutz  (Login ammererlutz)
AP Discussion Group

Hello all,

having frequented other forums,esp.the watch ones,before,I thought of asking for Your opinions too before deciding on a certain new car now.

Some informations in advance:

Having driven BMW for a long time(with good experiances most of the time) I bought an American car(I don`t mention the brand)last time,because I liked its design and interior and it was the ultimate catastrophy,an absolutely disastrous experiance with horrendous repair costs and engine failures of all imaginable and not imaginable -but always very costly- kinds,soon as the warranty had expired.
Well,probably I got a lemon,but this time I thought of asking one or two people more about the car I think of before buying it,therefore I am posting here.

Living in the snowy and mountainous regions of this planet,I need a 4-wheel driven car.It is no fun-car or holiday car,but the thing that drives me,when I am away on business(which sometimes also means climbing up and down our snowy mountains),so reliability is an essential point.

My first thoughts were the Audi-quattro line,as the BMW X3 and X5 are too bulky for me and I really don't like all these bulky off-roaders and cross country cars,no matter if German,British or Japanese.
But last week I had a look at the Jag X-Type(I think it was the 3.0 V6 Executive version) and definitely liked its interior better than the German ones.

On the other hand its rather small for a Jag,not so elegant as the classic XJ and S-Types.

Everyone talked about the notorious engine problems of old Jags some years ago,but as far as I heard their engines are much more reliable now.

1: HOW reliable are they today?
It belongs to the Ford company now,right?Who builds their engines(although I know this is of no importance,just being curious if they are built in Coventry,Taiwan or Detroit)?

2: As -in sharp contrast to watches- a new car MUST be resold after a relatively short time,resale value for cars is a very important point,so the phrase used for watches,"buy the one You like best",does not apply for cars.
How do You think does a Jag X Type perform compared to e.g.an Audi quattro? Probably this cannot be answered generally as there are huge differences in resale-prices in different countries (resale prices are very high e.g.in France and very low in the US as far as I know).

3. Finally,the whole car industry having more and more difficulties(almost-bankruptsies of Chrysler,Fiat,Mitsubushi etc)within the last years, especially the traditional British cars(be it Rover,Jag or even RR) are constantly rumored to be anihilated by their American or German mother-companies sooner or later.
Any insider knowledge about the future of Jag here?

any opinions would be very appreciated,

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(Login amrx)

personal experience

November 21 2004, 4:42 AM 

I have a 2003 Audi Allroad. For AWD automobiles I think Audi has the most experience. The Allroad quality has been up to that of 7 previously owned Toyota and Lexus' I've owned; nothing but routine service needed. Jaguar X type has not been a success in USA.

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John Ireland
(Login figcar)

I also check out the

November 21 2004, 11:41 AM 

Accura and Infiniti AWD sedans. The Audi 1.8t engine is about to be replaced with a new 2.0t that will be both sporting and great in quattro drive...so w/ Audi 1.8 I'd wait...or go fot the V6. I'd look at the Saab AWD and also Volvo too before deciding. If you want good interior room (better than a 3 series BMW or Audi A4 or Jag...but don't want to get into SUV size...my last thought would be a VW Passat w/ AWD (4Motion is their name for what is basically Audi Quattro). They can be dressed up very nicely and also give good value now and when you resell.

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(no login)

I would also suggest ...

November 21 2004, 10:57 PM 

the new Acura 3.5RL/Honda Legend especially if you are after reliability, not to mention its award winning AWD system.

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(Login MelvynTeillolFoo)
AP Moderators

My Jag experience >

November 22 2004, 5:14 AM 


Recently I bought and sold this Jaguar within 7 months due to moving to another continent - ouch!


A number of small but irritating faults, mostly after-sales service and minor recall for transmission re-programming. Otherwise, for sheer oomph and as they used to say, "Pace with Grace!" , the car itself was mighty fine.

Its not a 4-WD and neither is the Jaguar X-series so I am a little confused why you are looking at Jag in your snow-filled region?




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(no login)

the 2.5 and 3.0,of the X-type definitely are 4 WD,the major problem for me now

November 22 2004, 9:04 AM 

-especially after talking to one garage owner-is that a Jag has almost no resale value at all compared to a German car,second that no one knows what will happen to the company and if they will continue the X-type in future,if not,the car will be hardly saleable at all.
German cars have reasonably good resale value and the companies are very stable in their performance.
I shall talk to some other sec.hand car dealers soon and get their opinion,if a Jag is worth trying.


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(Login cab0419)
PP Discussion Group

Have you looked at the new BMW 330xi?

December 5 2004, 7:03 PM 

Having had several 3 series BMWs during the past few years, this is the car I've been waiting for. It should give Audi a run for their money in the AWD category.


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(no login)

could be interesting,I asked the dealer for it,

December 6 2004, 4:51 AM 

but it won`t be on the market here before April 2005,that is a bit too late for me,he only offered the X3 to me which is too bulky and IMO much too dear for what it offers(and a very disappointing cheap-looking interior for a >48k car).

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Richard Hatter
(Login amchk)

Get one of these instead

December 14 2004, 7:21 AM 

1991 850i under 60,ooo miles, full service history, very few around, no problems -touch wood, Jag's are everywhere...only a few of these in good nick around

Get so attached to them you form a club and meet every Sunday, in car parks

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