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Ali Baba, Cabs and Leather Personnel Carriers

November 23 2004 at 2:51 PM
Amenon  (no login)

My car was parked 50 yards from a police station when the gentleman mentioned above drove off with it the night before last. For two days now I've been relying on the other three mentioned above. Fortunately for me it was a company car and veedubya will provide a replacement tomorrow.

Consequently the things which most irritate me most about the episode are (in no particular order):
- Loss of a good reliable ten-year-old golf umbrella
- Loss of a good reliable five-year-old A.S. ROMA 1927 baseball cap (faded)
- Loss of a good reliable child-seat inherited from a colleague now gone to Moscow
- Loss of a good reliable plastic crate
- Having walked around the surroundings 17 times cursing, blaspheming etc. (told off by my four-year old) before I was certain of where I'd left the damn car the night before.

Oddly enough two people I've mentioned this to in town know someone else who got a Passat nicked in the last two weeks. Sounds like the Garden Gnome Mob have turned their attention to Passats... Ho hum, or Heigh ho or whatever.

To console myself I have been meditating upon suitable forms of retribution to be visited upon the robbin' hoods should they get caught...


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Jim Deady
(Login jjd1946)
Trading Zone

V W ?

November 23 2004, 10:42 PM 

They stole a V Dub!?! That should be enough punishment for any car thief.How will he hold his head up with his fellows.
I know, I know, I'll burn in hell for that one; I simply could not stop myself.
I am sorry about that plastic box though,one does form attachments.
Alright, I'll stop--
I am sorry Amenon, I know what a pain this can be.

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(no login)

Hope you're right....

November 24 2004, 1:28 PM 

but think you are a shade too tough on poor old Faa-veh.... Credit where it's due - as cars go in that price bracket I reckon the Passat is not at all bad. The 1.8 Tdi engine performs very nicely both in town and on the autostrada, has good fuel-consumption figures and the car is reasonably stable in all states. Acceleration is pretty good for a family car and once it's going it hums happily along at quite a whack. I've seen one (not saying whose, nor who was driving, nor where...) go at 205kmph on the speedo feeling nice and steady as she went. The internals are nothing special but I find the overall design of the car very pleasing - a classic of the '90s. The fact that the general shape was subsequently used for higher-end Audis and for the Phaeton, seems to indicate that it is a good design in other folk's opinion as well as mine. I was also impressed by the VW Leasing people - literally 5 minutes after I faxed them the police report of the theft they phoned me to ask where I would like to pick up my courtesy car. This turned out to be a Renault Scenic... in comparison it feels like driving an oil-tanker...

Sniff sniff... my good reliable plastic crate... sniff...


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Jim Deady
(no login)


November 25 2004, 1:33 AM 

If you can maintain a sense of humor in the face of all this your a better man then I. To add insult to injury they gave you a"car" made in France!?! The French have never been able to put into practice the concept of putting sheet metal together with an internal combustion motor and other bits and pieces and make them Work in some kind of unision.
Although, I've always been tempted by the DS20
Yor dead right about the TDi. I've just returned from Ireland where I rented a BMW 318 TDi.Great car in all respects except a wonky gear box.
Wait a minute,I just read the bit about the 21.I think I need a nap.
Best wishes,Jim

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Humour? You should've heard me that morning....

November 25 2004, 2:32 PM 

But it's easier to get back on an semi-even keel when the damage comes down to an umbrella, a baseball cap, a child-seat and a plastic crate...

The Scenic feels like a bus and, like other French cars, it has some weird things which are different to all other cars on the planet and don't seem to add anything much:

- no keys, only a plastic doobry

- the handbrake is a button

- the ignition switch is a button

- the rear-view mirror is tiny

- if you don't put your safety-belt on the car starts pinging, quietly at first, then imperiously after a few seconds. Bloody nuisance... a car with a nanny psychology - enough to put anyone off wearing a safety belt. Douglas Adams saw it all coming didn't he?

So far no bits have fallen off the Renault yet though.
Am already looking forward to getting another Passat...


Oh well - Worse things happen at sea:

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Jim Deady
(no login)


November 28 2004, 2:31 AM 

Count your blessings,you get to give it back.
I've had a lot of strange cars but the worst,by far,was a Maserati Merak!!Thats right,designed by Maserati with mechanicals by Citroen!!What was I thinking!!Italy and France rarely talk to each other, never mind designing a car together.Was it Maserati getting back at Citroen or Citroen getting back at,OH,never mind, they both got me.
The entire car was controlled by Citroens SM Hydro system.The smallest leak and the car simply stopped,and it stopped a lot.
The conversations in passing cars probably went along the lines of:
"Look at that Mable, mister flash got his" "heh heh heh"
In the long run I think I win,maybe??

I left the car at another house,locked in a damp garage.I have not set eyes on it for about twenty years.It should be in a fairly advanced state of rust,etc.And,if there is a God,as the last bit of rust hits the floor the garage will blow up in a monumental fire ball and balance will return to the universe.
Let me tell you about the Piper GTT sometime;36 inches to the top of the roof and completely sealed glass.An ex LeMans car.
I thought it would make a good street car.Again,What was I thinking !!!!!
But,all in all Life is good-----

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December 8 2004, 1:37 AM 

I had a Citroen DS19 Special back in the 1970s and in 1995 I bought a CX2400. The DS was interesting but I don't know what posessed me to buy the CX. I couldn't get anyone to steal it but I did find a poor sod to give it to (in exchange for watch worth about $25 - it's true and I got a bargin!).

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