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Where to find Kampfschwimmer history archive books-pics?

November 29 2003 at 8:10 PM
Richard Hatter  (Login amchk)

Been through all the posts in the search section & archives.

-Is there any history or reference books published on these divers?

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Volker Wiegmann
(Login VolkerWiegmann)

a few things...

November 30 2003, 3:50 AM 


- few man
- few missions
- few watches left
- few documents / old books

Some pictures to share.
The book is printed in 1968 (2nd issue). First issue was printed in 1955. Pretty old stuff...

Left top:
German Kampfschwimmer watching an air attack
to an italian city during training on a ship.

Left base:
Secret training base on island Alga / lagune of Venezia
for the german Kampfschwimmers, teached by the italians.

Right page, left person: A german Kamfschwimmer.
This diver was a world record swimmer
in more peaceful times after the war...
Here with his diving suit, equipment type "Draeger".
On the left wrist: a Kampfschwimmer watch.

Right page, right person: Italian Gamma diver,
with heavy diving equipment for marching on the
ground of the sea.

The german Kriegsmarine leaders checking the equipment of a Kampfschwimmer,
interested on his watch, showing his wrist to an admiral or general ("high hat").

See also his camouflage web on his head, falling into his neck.
During missions turned over their faces.

A couple of Kampfschwimmers with their instructors.
I bet my XXX that the two Kampfschwimmers on the right are wearing their mission watches.


By the way:
Yes I am from Germany - interested in the Kampfschwimmer watches and their history. And no, I am not a Nazi.

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Richard Hatter
(Login amchk)

Volker facinating stuff thanks a bunch>>> Richard

November 30 2003, 4:07 AM 

Dont worry, Im half German and Im not a Nazi fan either
Thanks a bunch, Im amazed that there is such an attitude out there ...

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Kristian Haagen
(no login)

Well, I am 100% Danish, but that does not mean...

November 30 2003, 5:27 AM 

...that I look ANYTHING like Hans Christian Andersen, nor am I a 6 feet blonde called Brigitte and formerly married to Sly, NOR am I lootering the British coasts in my longship and scary helmets, NOR am I something you eat, NOR am I hanging out at the LIttle Mermaid everyday...but the ignorants WANT to believe otherwise. So be it, Volker. Thanx for the info, great pictures.

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(no login)

:-) _________________________nt

November 30 2003, 6:14 AM 


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(Login 156E)


November 30 2003, 10:55 AM 

off chasing the maidens in your longboat again.............. lol

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Volker Wiegmann
(Login VolkerWiegmann)

Nothing to thank for...

November 30 2003, 9:22 AM 

...the last line was posted in advance for some upcoming doubts
and tasteless questions. Was not linked against you, of course!

For the fact that I worn a brown jacket on P-DAY#2
and using the "clean machine" haircut...
I have to be aware for such doubts, if you know
what I mean... I took the history lessions at
school very serious, you bet.

I stand for that slogan:
"Panerai brings the world together"


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(Login 156E)

Thanx for posting Volker, you are the best!

November 30 2003, 11:02 AM 

Think (hoping) all will learn tolerance as you have been so gracious in sharing, and perhaps skeptics will learn by your/all risti's example of what can be with the effort.

Cheers Mate!


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(no login)

Thank you for providing such interesting historical information. You add greatly to the..

November 30 2003, 5:50 AM 

satisfaction received from perusing this list.

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Buffalo Tom
(Login tom.bartmann)

Well said, mate !!! And there's nothing more to add ...(nt)

November 30 2003, 6:22 AM 


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