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SummerFest XIV was a blast!

May 7 2012 at 7:42 AM

Rick Gelinas 


SummerFest was great! Everyone had a lot of fun. The crowd was smallish though (around 20 visitors), and several of the visitors said they wouldn't be able to stay for both days (Sunday and Monday), so the consensus was to roll all the SummerFest activities into one day (Sunday). And that was actually a cool idea, because it kept it all moving fast. There was a whole lot of activity packed into a relatively short period of time. We started the day with a pad toss game, then there was the SummerFest round table and planning, followed by a burger BBQ lunch, then my commercial marketing session, then the annual spot removal competition, then an excellent color dyeing course by Tom Cermack, and we finished up with some hilarious entertainment from our staff, and lastly we went out to dinner together. My wife and I along with our staff had a lot of fun hosting SummerFest XIV. So thanks again to all who came - we really enjoyed the event from start to finish! And thanks to the Cermaks, and Ades Gros for their efforts in planning another fun SummerFest.

P.S. If anyone is still planning to come today (Monday), you're more than welcome to stop by the shop and say hi, but the SummerFest activities were already covered on Sunday. If you stop in, you're more than welcome to try equipment, and I'll also be happy to run through the Commercial Marketing session if anyone would like me too.

P.P.S. I'll be posting some videos and photos soon.

Rick Gelinas



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