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Travertine hone

July 8 2010 at 8:03 PM

When using resin pads under the cimex to hone travertine or marble. Do I use three 3" pads under the 8" pad in a triangle formation?

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Re: Travertine hone

July 9 2010, 2:30 AM 

Hi Joel,

You'll need to get the 8" Velcro Driver Set that is for the diamond abrasives. It has a finer hook and it mates with the backing of the diamond disks. Here is a link to the drivers you'd need...

Then you place 3 of the 3" diamond disks on each driver. So you will use 9 individual 3" disks. This increases the cutting edges, since you're crossing the floor with multiple disks. Grinding and honing with a Cimex is considerably faster than a standard rotary machine.

Another option for light honing/polishing are our DiamondPlus pads. These come in various grits and are designed to fit onto the Cimex...

You will also want to add some additional weight to the fork of the Cimex to do work on stone floors. We have an expensive 40 pound weight set from Cimex. Or you can make one yourself, by bracketing a the weights to the left and right fork of the machine. (Don't place weight on top of the plastic motor cover or on the yellow shroud of the machine). But if you attach weight to the fork, you can add 40-60 pounds of additional weight to the Cimex, and that's what you'll need for grinding and honing.

Rick Gelinas
[linked image]

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Joel Riggs

Re: Travertine hone

July 14 2010, 2:19 PM 

Thank you very much.

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